Sean Hannity Warns That Democrats Could Retake the House of Representatives

If Sean Hannity is worried about Republicans’ chances, you know it’s serious. And perhaps President Trump should start taking the threat seriously as well.

For months now, the President has been touting his impressive economic performance as a means to ward off the looming Democrat threat in November. He’s also championed other Republican victories this year as a sign that things are on the up and up for Republicans.

The President may be optimistic, but even one of his biggest backers is starting to worry about Republican prospects in the fall. Sean Hannity started off his show last night with a stark warning:

Republicans, to be very blunt because I only tell you the truth, they’re in real danger of losing the House of Representatives. And the Senate? I’m not that comfortable about that either.

From Hannity’s lips to every Trump supporters’ ears.

Hannity’s worry can not be overstated. Looking at the RealClearPolitics general ballot compilation.

It’s hard to deny that Republicans are in a hard spot going into November. The Democrats are energized and ready to impeach President Trump. Even Democrat leaders have basically hinted that he’s in their crosshairs. (RELATED: Chuck Schumer Asked About Impeachment: ‘The Sooner the Better’.)

It’s not fun to hear, but sometimes raw emotion can be a better motivator tool in politics than economic performance. And right now, Democrats are tapping a huge reservoir of angst.

You can watch all of Hannity’s warning here:

There is, of course, dissent from the blue wave line. I recently interviewed Republican National Committee spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany. She is confident Republicans will hold the House in November. I asked her why and she made a pretty good argument that runs counter to Hannity’s. (RELATED: RNC Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany Issues Warning to Republican Voters About November.)

Make sure you listen to her reasoning below:

Here’s the only prediction you can ever trust in politics: Nothing matters until ballots are counted on election day. Everything else is prognostication.

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