RNC Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany Issues Warning to Republican Voters About November

Kayleigh McEnany

As the liberal media makes a lot of sound and fury over President Trump’s coarse language, real political operatives in Washington, D.C., have their sights set on the real prize: taking control of Congress in November.

All the talk so far has been about an impending “blue wave” that will take, at the very least, the House and hand Democrats the rein of power. The blue wave talk persists, despite a glaring gap in fundraising between the two parties. (RELATED:¬†RNC Fundraising Smashes Another Record – Dems Panicking.)

Despite a lack of funding, Democrats are still hellbent on retaking Congress. We wanted to get an inside scoop on the fight going on across the country, and what the Republican Party is doing to stop the Democrats’ momentum. To do so, we were joined by¬†Kayleigh McEnany, spokesperson of the Republican National Committee.

What an incredible interview!

McEnany makes many key points about the upcoming election. Here’s a breakdown:

  • If Democrats take Congress, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll vote to impeach Trump. This is not a drill – it’s a very real warning. Republicans need to vote this election if they want to protect President Trump.
  • President Trump is the undisputed head of the Republican Party and his influence will remain as much in the future. Never-Trumpers need to get over their opposition or get out.
  • Republicans need to search out and develop an alternative social media model. The social media giants like Google and Facebook are never going to allow conservatives the kind of reach they do for liberals. We need an alternative and fast.
  • Democrats are running on nothing but socialized medicine and impeaching Trump. That’s not a platform – it’s a college thesis. They don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

We encourage you to watch the whole interview. It’s the perfect prep for being ready in November!

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