Nancy Pelosi Promises Dems Will Raise Taxes If They Win Midterms

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Nancy Pelosi, who has already come under fire from members of her own party for referring to the $1,000 bonuses that companies handed out following Trump’s tax reform package as “crumbs,” is now calling for higher taxes altogether.

Earlier today she spoke at a “Politico Playbook Live” event and told Politico’s Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman that taxes will go up if Democrats win the midterms.

That came after she was asked whether or not Democrats would revisit trying to pass single-payer healthcare (socialized medicine) and raising taxes. “The second part is accurate. I do think we should revisit tax legislation in the way we always have — in a bipartisan, transparent way that the result is unifying for the country. I do object to what they did in the dark of night and in the speed of light, show up with something that gives 83 percent of the benefits to the top 1 percent and 86 million middle-income families will pay more taxes in the life of this bill, even though they called it a middle-class bill. It gives a trillion-and-a-half in tax cuts to corporate America, adding over $2 trillion to the national debt because of the interest on that money. And part of that benefit to corporate America is to allow them to create jobs overseas rather than here.”

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At the same event, Pelosi also said she is unbothered by Democrats campaigning in swing districts by pledging not to support her for Speaker of the House.

While those in the political party opposite the President (in this case, Democrats) tend to have an advantage in midterms, Trump’s recent uptrend in approval could prove problematic for Democrats.

Additionally, Trump’s tax plan has been continuously getting more popular, as workers get to see its effects in their paychecks every week. Campaigning on reversing them isn’t looking like a winning strategy – hence why Democrats are specifically distancing themselves from Pelosi.

Hopefully, Pelosi doesn’t stop revealing their true motives anytime soon.

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Source: Washington Examiner

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