Chris White on August 13, 2018

Democratic voter registrations are falling in Florida ahead of what is supposed to be a blue wave midterm election, according to records the state published Monday.

Numbers show that Democratic Party registrations have fallen about 2 percentage points since the 2016 elections. Republican numbers, meanwhile, have held steady at 35 percent, while no-party registrations have increased about 3 points, the data shows. Independents are surging in Florida.

The situation doesn’t look much better for Democrats on the national stage.

Their advantage over Republicans in the generic ballot continues to tumble, dipping from a 10-point advantage Democrats held during May to just 4 points in June, according to a June 7 NBC News poll. That poll also showed 50 percent of registered voters wanting a Democratic-controlled Congress.

Gun control has also affected the Democratic advantage since January, The Washington Post noted in an April poll. The gap between support for the two parties in House races narrowed considerably since the gun control debate became a raging issue after the Florida school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February.

Florida has a U.S. Senate seat, the governor position, and numerous seats in the state legislature and some referendums on the ballot in 2018. The Florida primary is approaching on Aug. 28.

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