Michael Moore Whines ‘I Don’t Think A Majority Of Americans Are Proud’ To Be An American Under Trump

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The radical liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore went on yet another unhinged political rant over the weekend, this time saying that he thinks Americans are “tired” and that most of them are not “proud” to be from this country anymore thanks to the leadership of President Donald Trump.

Michael Moore Claims Americans Are ‘Tired’ Of Trump

Moore said this during an MSNBC appearance in which he attacked Trump for using Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” to pump up the crowd before his campaign rallies. Moore kicked things off by claiming that the American people are “tired” right now.

“They’re really tired because they’re, first of all, fighting off a virus that has every intention of killing you if it can. So that’s been scary enough for these last 10 months,” the Fahrenheit 9/11 filmmaker said. “But I think that they’re tired of the behavior of Donald Trump.”

“Who wants a president, regardless of what your politics are, that has 25,000 confirmed lies,” he added. “Who wants that? How proud are we as Americans? There he is. he plays that song, ‘I’m proud to be an American,’ every time he takes the stage, and I don’t think the majority of Americans are proud at this moment.”

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Michael Moore Doubles Down

Not stopping there, Moore went on to say that the United States is pitied by the rest of the world, of course offering no evidence to back this up. He then shifted to preaching about health care, arguing that it is a “human right.”

Moore continued:

“[T]here he goes — this talk about fake news. Look at this. Do you realize the rest of the world — first, they laughed at us, and now they pity us? And they feel really, really bad that we have to suffer through this.

So, I think what’s going to happen this week, I hope, is that the American people have just seen and had enough with this. And there are serious issues we need to deal with — first the coronavirus, and secondly the economy, jobs. How many millions lost their employer-based health insurance? You know that great employer-based health insurance? So much better to have that.

As soon as 40 million people lost their jobs, 40 million people are cut right off from their health care, which should be a human right — not something connected to your job because if your job goes, that goes. You’re in deep trouble, especially if there’s a pandemic going on.”

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Moore was one of the few liberals to predict in 2016 that Trump would beat Hillary Clinton. This week, he’s been speaking out to warn that voters should not believe polls that say Joe Biden has a big lead, arguing that the “Trump vote is always being undercounted.”

This piece was written by James Samson on November 1, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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