Megyn Kelly Eviscerates Seth Meyers For Softball Biden Interview – ‘That’s Why You Were Chosen’

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The former Fox News host Megyn Kelly spoke out this week to torch the NBC late night host Seth Meyers for his softball interview of President Joe Biden, calling the former “Saturday Night Live!” star his network’s “weakest, biggest hack.” 

Meyers’ Softball Biden Interview

“Biden finally gave an interview. He didn’t want to do CBS and Gayle King, so he decided instead to go – forgive me – balls to the wall, Seth Meyers,” Kelly began on Tuesday’s episode of her eponymous SiriusXM show.

“The biggest hack at NBC. The weakest, biggest hack at NBC. It’s some fierce competition, so right on, Seth. You’re number one! Yay! You won,” she added. “That’s why you were chosen.”

Yahoo News reported that this came after Biden joined “Late Night With Seth Meyers” on Monday night as an alleged surprise guest to celebrate the 10th anniversary episode. Kelly played a clip in which Meyers asked Biden, “Having dealt with dictators, what do you see in a world where democracy is actually at risk where it might be in this election?”

“The first thing they do, that dictators do, is they disregard whatever the rule of law is. They just disregard it,” Biden replied. “Here’s the guy who says he wants to, he thinks he can change the Constitution and ignore it, just ignore portions of the Constitution.”

“Here’s the guy who talks about ‘retribution,'” he continued. “Here’s the guy — look, you have the guys, the thousands of people who stormed the Capitol, stormed the Capitol, they’re insurrectionists. Two cops died, other people were badly hurt, and what did they say? They got convicted and/or they pled guilty and he said they’re patriots? God, patriots?”

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Kelly Fires Back

Kelly was not having any of this, however, and she immediately fired back at Biden.

“Trump wants to disregard the rule of law,” Kelly began. “OK, you mean like what you’re doing in these federal prosecutions, breaking norms that we’ve never crossed before in our 200-plus year history? Ignore the Constitution. He wants to ignore the Constitution? You literally just bragged about doing that with respect to student loan debt, ‘forgiveness.'”

“Retribution — he’s about retribution,” she continued. “Look what he’s doing to Trump, not to mention that FBI informant who then turned out to be, they say, not credible and who they believe lied to him and is being treated like no one else who double crossed the FBI or ever gave false information.”

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Kelly Doubles Down

Not stopping there, Kelly torched the points Biden made about the January 6 riot.

“Uh, they stormed the Capitol and cops died. That’s not true either, they’ve been telling that lie over and over,” she argued. “Congress wanted border protection and he stopped it because it would help Biden — it’s not about Biden, it’s about the United States of America. You say we need to be more humane, which is why you opened the border and your proposed border bill was full of holes and was actually totally feckless.”

Kelly concluded her rant by taking Meyers to task for not pushing back against Biden’s nonsense.

“We could go on. Democracy is at stake, but not for the reasons he says,” she concluded. “My jaw dropped — but I didn’t hear any of that from Seth Meyers.”

Check out this full segment in the video below.

Meyers truly is one of the biggest hacks on television, and his interview with Biden was nothing short of nauseating to watch. We applaud Kelly for being one of the few people in the media to have the guts to call out the fact that Democrats are the ones exhibiting the dictatorial behavior that they have long tried to accuse Trump of.

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