Meghan McCain Comes Unglued – ‘I Beg Of Everyone On The Right Stop Politicizing’ George Floyd’s Death

Meghan McCain had a bit of a meltdown on Wednesday’s episode of “The View” as she begged Republicans to “stop politicizing” the killing of George Floyd by former police officer Derek Chauvin.

The segment in which she said this began with a Fox News clip of host Greg Gutfeld saying, “I’m glad he was found guilty on all charges, even if he might not be guilty of all charges. I am glad that he is guilty of all charges because I want a verdict that keeps this country from going up in flames.”

‘The View’ Discusses Great Gutfeld

“I had the most reaction to was Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, the clip we jus played,” said co-host Sara Haines. “That man said the words out loud that even if Chauvin isn’t guilty, I hope he’s found guilty. One, you would compromise a justice system so you could sleep at night. Two, he said his neighborhood was looted and he didn’t like how that felt. Let’s go back to if we put a knee on your neck and how George Floyd felt.”

“Three, this is a life lost; literally, you’re talking about a case where someone will no longer breathe again,” she added. “They have a family, a daughter. You’re talking about your neighborhood? There were so many offenses in one statement that even his own colleagues moaned through that whole clip. ‘Please, just atop’ He is awful. It sounds like Chauvin isn’t the only one with a very little heart.”

“Meghan when you heard these various statements, what was going through your mind?” cohost Whoopi Goldberg asked.

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Meghan McCain Sounds Off

“I mean, I have different feelings about Nancy Pelosi and Greg Gutfeld,” McCain replied. “Honestly, I’m just so emotionally moved by the Floyd family and Mr. Crump coming on. I think we should focus on their pain and their grief, and their trauma. As we have said on this show, let them heal and move forward. Please, I beg of everyone on the right, stop politicizing this.”

“A man was murdered on in cold blood, and we all saw it on the internet,” she continued. “There is just no empathy. It makes me think these people have never experienced loss and grief of any kind if you don’t have the humanity to not make this about you and not make this about your neighborhood. I just don’t know what to say. I wish that family peace if it’s possible.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on April 21, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • A definition of the word "murder" the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. I do not believe that Derek Chauvin planned to kill George Floyd, however his actions, are responsible for (led to) the death of Mr. Floyd. There are people shot (some die) on a weekly basis in Chicago and across the nation. Many of these are premeditated (planned). Where are the protests, marches, and national media exposure, for these victims?

  • this is exactly what the women on The View do: they purposely misconstrue what someone said and then attack them using false pretenses. they are a JOKE when it comes to reality. Gutlfield NEVER said officer C was innocent of ALL charges, but that just ruins your fatally flawed argument, doesn't it, Meghan?

  • What a twit. Floyd was hopped up on fentanyl the only reason this is a issue of the police using to much force to subdue a felon on a drug that people take to feel like superman is because of their own racism incited by BLM supremacists. We will not forget who the deniers, disinformation distributers and liars are beginning with McCain.

  • Meghan is a Useful Idiot for the "progressives." The problem is, she doesn't have the common sense to know that.

  • Wish songbirds fat canary would shove a Twinkie in her mouth .
    It’s the commie left ... but as far as I’m concern she is a commie traitor like her daddy war traitor & her (blank) mom ...

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  • Sort of like with Juan Williams and his sons. According to articles I have read the sons are well known Republicans. Of course unlike Meghan McCain they use their real names.

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