McEnany Slams Pelosi For Attack On President Over Alleged Russian Bounties On U.S. Soldiers

Kayleigh McEnany slammed Nancy Pelosi for her attack on the President over a report that alleged Moscow had bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan.

Pelosi: “All Roads Lead To Putin” With President Trump

Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that the Russian government had secretly offered bounties for successful attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan, in what was seemingly an attempt to destabilize peace talks between the Trump administration and the Taliban.

Speaking to George Stephanopoulos on his ABC News show, Pelosi said that the President wants to “ignore any allegation against Russia,” and that “all roads lead to Putin” with him and his administration.

“I don’t know what the Russians have on the president, politically, personally, financially, or whatever it is, but he wants to ignore, he wants to bring them back to the G8 despite the annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine, despite what they yielded to him in Syria, despite his intervention into our election which is well documented by our intelligence community, and despite now possibly this allegation, which we should have been briefed on,” Pelosi argued.

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Trump: “Nobody Has Been Tougher On Russia”

The President himself denied ever being briefed on the allegations on Twitter, adding that “nobody has been tougher on Russia than the Trump administration.”

He later tweeted that the reason for not being briefed is that the intelligence services did not consider the information credible.

McEnany backed President Trump against Pelosi’s attacks on him in an interview with Fox and Friends.

“This president has been very tough on Russia, sanctioning a new Russian target, closing Russian consulates, so she’s just off-base on her facts there,” she said.

“What she’s doing, she’s taking a report based on anonymous sourcing that was just dead wrong. The New York Times was wrong, believe it or not, and she’s politicizing it,” McEnany continued.

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The Speaker Doesn’t Listen To Facts!

Once again, Pelosi is a hysterical crackpot who doesn’t listen to the facts. The fact that the report was not totally credible is why it would never have reached the President’s ear, not because he’s a Kremlin asset!

As Tom Rogan points out in the Washington Examiner, the Director of National Intelligence would not put anything into the President’s daily intelligence report that was not “high confidence,” and the NSA was not able to corroborate any of the CIA’s intelligence.

It’s a matter of practicality, not corruption, but Pelosi doesn’t want to hear that.

Jack Hadfield

Jack Hadfield is a conservative and free-speech advocate from the UK. He considers himself to be a professional mischief maker, and loves nothing more than annoying the pearl-clutching left. His work has previously appeared in Breitbart and Politicalite.

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  • Pelosi, you say that Trump let Russia meddle in the 2016 election. You are as dumb as a doorknob! You seem to have forgotten that the 2016 meddling should have been attacked by your good friend Barry Hussein Obama! Trump was a mere candidate, all of this falls at the feet of the Obama administration, but of course he was too busy to go after the Russians because he was too busy trying to prevent candidate elect Donald J. Trump take his rightful perch. I am so sick of you blaming Trump when you know none of it is true - everything wrong with this country is because all of you socialist communists marxist democrats are so f**king STUPID. What do you call a bunch of democrats drowning in the ocean? A good start!

  • Pelosi is a sick, angry, old hag of a woman that needs to give it up and leave, I hope when Obama and Killery get arrested she goes along too!

  • Peloshit, a vile, sick, vicious wicked tired old hag should stay home with her freezers full of ice cream and stay out of politics. As house leader, her diarrhea mouth gets her in trouble all the time. Resign now. I can’t wait till you are voted out. What a glorious day that will be for the country. .

  • Assumption ot fact one Nancy posits, Russia must be in collusion with President Trump. Despite having the facts about false dossiers and more evidence emerging everyday about Obama Biden's illegal attacks on General Flynn and the 2016 Trump campaign Nancy is stuck in her own failure to impeach and can not move on. So it must be the Russians have something on President Trump? A False assumption number two if the first assumption is fase which has been proven to be true the second is false. Nancy should face it she lost and she is such a loser she would rather see the country tear itself apart than acknowledge her fails and lies.

  • Everything the Democrats say, you have to turn around and realize that's exactly what THERE doing. They say Russia is holding something on Trump, but really the radical left is holding something over the Dems, the accuse Trump of Russian collusion, but really it's Biden Obama and Hillary colluding with the Russians.

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