Kayleigh McEnany SLAMS Jim Acosta: ‘This Isn’t A Cable News Segment’

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany slapped down CNN’s Jim Acosta for repeatedly interrupting her during a press briefing on Friday.

CNN Is Mad At The President For Sharing Satirical Videos!

During Friday’s press briefing, McEnany first introduced Acosta by joking that she would have to limit him to 20 questions due to his nature of constantly trying to get the last word in. Acosta started his line of questioning by asking about the President’s upcoming rally, and whether any White House officials would be wearing masks.

The questioning from Acosta then turned to a meme video that the President had tweeted out on Thursday night, which poked fun at CNN for repeatedly running fake headlines.

Acosta lablled this clearly satirical video as a “fake video,” noting that Twitter had labelled it as “manipulated media.

“Why is the President sharing fake videos on Twitter about two toddlers who are obviously showing a lot of love for one another? It seems as though he is exploiting children to make some sort of crass political point,” Acosta said.

“He was making a point about CNN specifically,” McEnany responded, adding that “CNN has regularly taken him out of context, and that in 2019, CNN misleadingly aired a clip from a viewpoint repeatedly to falsely accuse the Covington boys of being, quote, ‘students in MAGA gear harassing a Native American Elder.’ That’s a harassing video, a misleading video about children that had really grave consequences for their future.”

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McEnany: “You Gotta Let Me Finish Jim!”

After some more back and forth questioning on this point, Acosta kept repeatedly interrupting and talking over McEnany, at which point she verbally slapped him down.

“You gotta let me finish, Jim, this isn’t a cable news segment, I am answering your question right now from the White House podium,” McEnany responded.

This is exactly what Acosta deserved for being so rude! If you’re going to ask a question, why would you repeatedly, rudely interrupt the person who’s trying to answer it? Perhaps he just couldn’t handle the truth that CNN was fake news!

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