Liberals Attack Austin Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt for Christianity

“Devout Christian.”

That’s how the Daily Mail described Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt after it was revealed he was the man behind the nearly two weeks of terror inflicted upon the Texas capital.

After what we’ve learned about Conditt, it could very well be the case that he was once a faithful Christian. His mother, under whom he was home-schooled, announced that upon high school graduation, Conditt was “taking some time to figure out what he wants to do … maybe a mission trip.”

That’s one of the few clues we have as to Conditt’s Christianity. There are a handful of blog posts he supposedly wrote against gay marriage and abortion, but those two issues aren’t exclusively Christian. Orthodox Jewish and Muslim individuals usually disagree with the liberal stance on both those topics.

But even if we grant that Conditt was a Christian (a perverted one, certainly), liberals are now using his religion to bash the followers of Christ, mocking conservatives for refusing to say anything disparaging about Christianity.

Take a look at this disgusting anti-Christian bigotry:

This is so absurd, it almost reads like a parody. Only a few of these leftists are actually criticizing Conditt for killing two people. They’re using this as an opportunity to malign Christians.

There’s no excuse for Conditt’s actions. But let’s be serious for a second: if he was a devout Christian, Conditt was an anomaly. Nearly all terrorists who profess a religion are an anomaly from their purported creed.

Liberals shouldn’t be using this to tear down Christianity. Doing so betrays America’s best values. It’s shameful. Period.

What do you think of liberals attacking Christianity because of the Austin bomber? Tell us your thoughts below!

Jim E

Jim E. is a true political insider, with experience working both in Washington and outside in real America. Jim is hopelessly bound to Twitter, the preferred platform of all the Swamp reporters, and works to give readers all the biggest scoops being talked about in Washington. When something's breaking, look for Jim's quick reporting, filled with relevant facts and incisive commentary.

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  • No liberal who claims to be a Christian has no true understanding of what a Christian is... He is a deeply deceived person who is actually lying, maybe even unknowingly lying to himself and others.... A person's actions will always reveal what is truly in his heart... Remember how Obama claimed to be a Christian, but how many times was Obama caught in lies pertaining to speak Obama Care and why would a Christian be praising islam and condemning Christianity. Obama actions proved what was truly in his heart and in no way can he possibly be a Christian... A person can lie to himself but a true Christian can easily see through these lies by watch the actions of others...

  • Even a devout Christian can develop a mental illness. Being a devout Christian myself and active in the Christian community, I’ve known several with varying degrees of mental instabilities. However, that doesn’t excuse his crimes.

  • WOW !?!? The roaches are coming out of the wood work. Regards, retired engineer and USN vet, Fort Worth, TX

  • If you're expecting an even modicum of sanity from the Liberal Left, you'll die of old age first. If the Liberals didn't use this tragic case against Christians, I would be totally disappointed in their lack of class and logic. The Left once again comes through with flying colors, yes "Black and Blue"!!!

    • One of their mottos is: Never let a crisis go to waste.
      Everybody needs to give it a rest and wait for the FACTS and then the TRUTH.

  • Liberals democratic morons are against everything American stands for or fought for by veterans and the brave men and women who server today in the military and against the Constitution and the rights of self-protection.

  • What else is new with these liberals? That's all they do is complain! What I don't understand is, these dopey liberals stand up for Islam. A religion that hates gays, rapes women, strips them of their rights to do anything and they are known pedophiles. The more liberals complain, the less I pay attention.

  • A Southern, conservative, home schooled, homophobic, anti-abortion, white male.

    Can you trust them?

  • Uh oh, I bet Liberals are going to use incident to make bombs illegal!
    Oh wait a minute, they already are!
    It’s almost as if it doesn’t make a difference. Criminals are going to do what criminals are going to do.

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