Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls on US to Pull Out of NATO, As Zelenskyy Rages Over Lack of Invite For Ukraine

Marjorie Taylor Greene called for the United States to pull out of NATO, accusing them of being an unreliable partner.
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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on Tuesday called for the United States to pull out of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, accusing them of being an unreliable partner.

Greene (R-GA) introduced an amendment to the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act during a House Rules Committee meeting.

She read the text of the amendment to those members in attendance.

“My amendment would direct the President (to withdraw) from NATO,” she announced. “They are not a reliable partner whose defense spending should be paid for by American citizens.”

Greene proceeded to outline how little European nations contribute to the alliance while America “has been financing and promising to defend NATO countries for decades and paying more than their fair share.”

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Greene Wants to Pull US From Nato, Zelensky Wants Ukraine In

Greene’s amendment to pull the United States from NATO comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has renewed insistence that his nation be allowed into the organization.

The State Department has said Ukraine must first meet two conditions for consideration –  “anti-corruption” and “strengthening democracy” reforms, and an end to the war with Russia.

Admitting the government you’ve been sending billions in taxpayer funds to is corrupt and not a strong democracy is … something.

Meanwhile, Zelenskyy is very much not okay with conditions being outlined for Ukraine to be admitted to NATO – a move that Russia has contended could lead to a world war.

“It’s unprecedented and absurd when (a) time frame is not set neither for the invitation nor for Ukraine’s membership,” Zelenskyy wrote in a statement. “While at the same time vague wording about ‘conditions’ is added even for inviting Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, Greene’s amendment runs up against the Uniparty, which overwhelmingly supports NATO despite the Soviet Union having collapsed in 1991.

The Biden administration has voiced its “ironclad” support for NATO.

“Our partnership goes back a long way,” tweeted the President or somebody running his account. “And our commitment … to NATO has not wavered.”

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Trump Has Criticized NATO and Threatened to Pull the US Out

Former President Donald Trump, according to a book written by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig, “had privately indicated that he would seek to withdraw from NATO” if he had won reelection.

Trump was a longtime critic of the alliance. Or rather, the fact that the United States was the country predominantly funding the organization while the other members got what amounted to a free ride.

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A video from 2018 shows Trump slamming the organization for being “totally controlled” by Russia due to their dependence on energy from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

The confrontation showed Trump speaking at a breakfast meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and questioning why the United States protects Germany when they were deeply involved in an energy deal with Russia.

Greene, in her argument to pull the United States out of NATO, also noted that “Germany contributed only around 1% of its GDP to finance NATO obligations” while the United States “is paying around 4% of our GDP to defend NATO countries.”

“Western European countries could and should be stepping up their financial contributions to ensure the security of NATO; instead they are entirely beholden to Russia and the U.S. taxpayer is expected to foot the bill,” she said.

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