MAJOR TV Show Equates Trump Supporters To TERRORISTS! (Disgraceful!)

Quantico on Trump supporters










We already know that progressive babies on America’s university campuses feel afraid when they see Trump’s name written down and think the slogan “Make America Great Again” is “overtly threatening.” But now, network television is taking Trump hatred and fear to the extreme by making his campaign slogan a terrorist rallying cry.

Per NewsBusters, according to the writers of ABC’s show Quantico, “Make America Great Again” is the white militia “equivalent of Allahu Akbar.”

During a flashback in the episode “Drive,” FBI Agent Jordan Kent berates fellow agent Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin), accusing him of aiding a terrorist cell in Chicago on a case they worked on years ago. Why would Afghanistan vet Ryan do such a thing? Jordan says it’s because he must have “realized what a worthless war it was when you got back.”

And just who were these “terrorists?” If you guessed an American “militia,” congratulations, you’re learning just how predictable Hollywood scriptwriters can be!

Agent Ryan denies helping the militia and declares he loves this country, but Jordan charges, “Isn’t that what they said when they attacked it? ‘Make America great again?’”

Watch the scene below:

Unbelievable! Hollywood has reduced “Make America Great Again” – a sentiment everyone should be on board with – into a white supremacist terrorist slogan!

I may not like Trump, and some of his most ardent supporters may be unsavory characters, but this overt Hollywood attack on the right crosses the line! I can only imagine what will come out of Hollywood as we get closer and closer to the election, no matter who the nominee is.

What do you think? Did ABC’s Quantico go too far in having a terrorist militia shout “Make America Great Again?” Sound off in the comments section below!

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