College Frat Builds A ‘Trump Wall’… And Liberal Students FREAK OUT!

Trump Wall
Here we go again. Another student body freaks out and screams racism and xenophobia at the very sight of the word “Trump.” This time it happened at an off-campus house owned by the fraternity Kappa Alpha Order (KA) at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.

Apparently it is a KA tradition to build a wall around their house leading up to their annual “Old South” ball. This year, they wrote the words “Trump” and “Make America Great Again” on the sandbag border. According to a national spokesman for KA, “The comment was written on a makeshift wall on our private property, normally used for a game of capture the flag, to mock the ideologies of a political candidate.”

So, they say the wall had a purpose for a game and that it was satirical. But did that placate the perpetually aggrieved? Nooooooooo!

A petition was launched, complete with all the typical leftist claptrap that has become all too common these days. These “marginalised [sic] and progressive students” call the wall “a source of aggression” and “overtly threatening.” They say it makes “racist sentiments material” and is “a tangible embodiment of the daily aggressions” and “exclusionary environment” that Latino and Muslim students supposedly face at this liberal institution of higher learning. They praise the football players who tore it down as “brave.” Seriously.

We the undersigned stand in solidarity with the individuals who took the brave action of dismantling the wall in front of Kappa Alpha Fraternity House. This wall, although a tradition carried on by Kappa Alpha for many years, has been a source of aggression towards students of colour on this campus, and this year, with the addition of the labels “Trump” and “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,” has become overtly threatening towards Muslim and Latino students. Although Kappa Alpha has agreed to make changes to traditions that have previously discomforted students of colour, especially Black students, this wall and its labels prove that these promises were only superficial.

The labels “Trump” and “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” have connotations that reverbrate [sic] beyond this campus and into the larger xenophobic and racist discourse that has surrounded this general election. Trump has suggested that Mexican immigrants bring “drugs” and “crime” and that they are rapists. He has called for the deportation of Muslims, and he has promised to build a wall between Mexico and the US that should supposedly keep out Mexican immigrants. This rhetoric is inflammatory and has direct consequences for Latino and Muslim people in the United States, especially the students on this campus. When Kappa Alpha built a wall, a physical manifestation of the wall that Trump desires, they are making his racist sentiments material. By attaching his slogan “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” to that wall, they are sending a clear message to students of colour, especially Latino and Muslim students, that they are not welcome here. The wall is a tangible embodiment of the daily aggressions that Latino and Muslim students face at this school. Although KA has since claimed that these labels were satirical, it’s impossible to separate the “intent” of the wall from its real, direct impact, which is that it has only contributed to the exclusionary environment faced by Latino and Muslim students on campus.

Watch this video on the Tulane Trump Wall:

If Latino and Muslim students, or anyone else (the use of British spellings for words like “color” indicate the petition writers are not American), receive a “clear message…that they are not welcome” when hearing the words “Make America Great Again,” they have a serious problem. They should want to contribute to America’s greatness. If not, they need to seriously reexamine their choice to live here and take advantage of all the opportunities our country affords.

Tulane Trump Wall

Once again, students can’t handle seeing the word “Trump” written without running screaming and crying into their safe spaces. Here’s another pathetic response that was written by a student on Facebook:

As part of Kappa Alpha Order’s (KA) annual tradition, the fraternity at Tulane University decided to build a wall around their house; however, this time it was a wall filled with connotations of hate and ignorance. These connotations most directly mocked the experiences of Latino immigrants and workers throughout our nation. By writing Trump in large, red letters across the “wall,” KA changed what was a tradition of building a wall into a tradition of constructing a border, symbolizing separation and xenophobia. This issue not only affects Latinos but all other marginalized immigrant groups in this country.

How do we live in an America where the name of a presidential candidate and the sentiment of wanting to make America great is seen as being “filled with connotations of hate and ignorance?” Seems to me these students are the ignorant American-hating ones.

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