Kid Rock DESTROYS Colin Kaepernick in Just 3 Amazing Words

Kid Rock

It looks like the ‘American Bad Ass’ is a little fed up with the American punk ass, Colin Kaepernick.

During a concert at Fenway Park over the weekend, Detroit rock legend Kid Rock sent a simple three-word message to the NFL star for his protests over the national anthem.

“F*** Colin Kaepernick!” he shouted during a song titled, Born Free.

Check it out below (roughly 46 seconds in) …

Via the Daily Caller:

Rock and roll superstar Kid Rock had a very blunt and simple message for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“Fuck Colin Kaepernick!” shouted to the crowd at Fenway Park late Saturday night during his concert as he sang his hit song “Born Free.”

Short, sweet, and to the point.

Kid Rock, aside from blasting Kaepernick’s protest of the American flag, has also slammed liberals for their stance against the confederate flag.

After race-baiter Al Sharpton and his liberal colleagues demanded Rock ban the confederate flag from his concerts, the music icon issued yet another three-word response – “kiss my ass.”

Rock has supported Donald Trump for president since the Republican primaries, saying it’s time to let the “business guy” run things.

“We gotta try something else,” he explained.

Comment: If you could send a message to Colin Kaepernick, what would it be? Share your thoughts below.

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