Judge Pirro “Tracks the Facts” of Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal – WATCH!


Judge Jeanine Pirro has analyzed the evidence in the Hillary Clinton email saga and rendered her own verdict – Guilty!

Pirro questioned, as all of us have, why Hillary felt she had to wipe her server clean before the FBI eventually demanded she hand it over.  She also openly wondered if the process was intentionally delayed by the Clinton camp to allow time for her to destroy evidence.

Pirro said Clinton is clearly guilty of obstruction and tampering.

She added that there is sufficient “evidence she (Clinton) violated the law, and she cannot and must not become president of the United States.”

via Fox News Insider:

Judge Jeanine asked why Clinton wiped her server clean before handing it over to investigators. Judge Jeanine also wondered if Clinton delayed that process so she could get rid of all of the evidence

“If you did, it’s called obstruction and tampering. And, by the way, I don’t know what took the FBI so long to try to get it,” Judge Jeanine said. “But, Hillary, if that server has been scrubbed so clean that even FBI experts cannot reconstruct your emails, that tells me you did everything you possibly could to prevent anyone from knowing what you were doing while you were our secretary of state.”

“My verdict, based on the evidence, is guilty.”

Watch Pirro sort through the facts that led to her verdict …

What’s your verdict on the Hillary Clinton email verdict – guilty or innocent?

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