OBAMA Just Got Terrible News About Hillary’s Email Scandal

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Judge Andrew Napolitano just dropped a major bombshell about Hillary’s email scandal: a major witness could be called in to testify against Hillary Clinton!

None other than the Commander-in-Chief himself, President Barack Obama.

Napolitano believes that some of the top secret and classified material on Clinton’s server had to involve exchanges between the former Secretary of State and the President.

Napolitano predicted that the investigation will be concluded fairly soon, with Clinton’s own interview taking place after Tuesday’s New Jersey and California primaries.

He refuted Clinton’s claims that she’s looking forward to the interview, saying, “She can’t be possibly be looking forward to it.”

The rest of the country is certainly looking forward to it.

Via the Daily Caller:

Judge Andrew Napolitano believes there’s a possibility of President Barack Obama being subpoenaed to testify against Hillary Clinton as part of the investigation into her use of email while secretary of state.

Appearing on Fox News’s “Shepard Smith Reporting” on Tuesday, guest host Harris Faulkner asked if Obama could be subpoenaed to testify against Clinton, to which Napolitano replied, “I am fairly confident that some of those top secret e-mails that Mrs. Clinton sent and received came from and went back to the president. If he didn’t know where they were going and if he’s not a witness in this case, I don’t know who else might be.”

Napolitano went on to say that the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server and a private email account while secretary of state “is about to come to an end.”

“As soon as the New Jersey and California primaries are over on Tuesday, she will have her interview. She says she’s looking forward to it. She can’t be possibly be looking forward to it. They know a lot more about this case, the people interrogating her than she does.”

Judge Napolitano has previously said “the evidence of her (Clinton’s) guilt is overwhelming,” adding he is “100-percent certain” that the FBI has enough evidence to indict and convict.

Can you imagine if President Obama’s possible testimony played a role in that?

Here is the judge discussing Hillary’s “grave legal troubles” …

Comment: Do you believe Judge Napolitano when he claims President Obama may have to testify in Hillary’s e-mail investigation? What would your reaction be if that ever happened? Tell us your thoughts below.

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