College Holds ‘Safe Zone Training’ Event, So College Republicans Did THIS! Hilarious!


An event featuring the always controversial Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos prompted left-wing “progressive” students at the University of California-Irvine to hold a ‘safe space training’ session.

Yiannopoulos is a Trump supporter who has frequently defended the candidate’s more outlandish remarks.

“The trashier he gets, the more I love him,” Yiannopoulos boasts.

The conservative agitator does go well out of his way to antagonize liberals, using colorful language during his college tour events. At a recent trip to DePaul, students actually rushed the stage and attacked him.

At UC-Irvine, Dr. Douglas Haynes, the Vice Provost for Academic Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, sent an email to the campus community recommending an alternative to their Yiannopoulos speaking engagement. He suggested that students participate in “Safe Zone training,” to ensure they become an “ally” to the LGBT community.

Safe. Zone. Training.

College Republicans are responding to the special safe zone-loving snowflakes at the university in the only appropriate way – by handing out pacifiers.

Via the Daily Caller:

UC-Irvine College Republicans are planning to distribute 100 infant pacifiers at a school-sanctioned “safe zone training” event taking place just hours before the Yiannopoulos event, UC-Irvine College Republicans said in a press release.

The Gerber Baby pacifiers will include an attached label with the caption, “I survived! Milo tour 2016.”

UC-Irvine Republican Club president, Ariana Rowlands told the Orange County Register she fears for her fellow students who seem “dominated” by political correctness and often only hear the left’s side of the story.

Robert Petrosyan, College Republicans chairman at UC-Irvine, argued that both conservatives and liberals lose when students are “coddled,” citing the critique of campus sensitivity made by President Obama in September.

“These so called Safe Spaces are an anathema to free expression and are a not-so-veiled form of ‘totalitarian group think’ where ideological deviation is not tolerated and outside opinions are to be destroyed, not challenged,” Petrosyan said.

In a press release, College Republican treasurer Mitchell Stern says that for too long, liberal college students have been transformed “into petulant 6 year olds who, when challenged with an opposing point of view, throw temper tantrums or lock themselves in their rooms to suck their thumbs.”

Carl Olson, the social chair for the College Republicans explains, “For those who are too timid or have been mentally incapacitated to engage in debate we are giving them baby pacifiers to help them cope with the appearance of a conservative speaker on campus.”

Liberals have long been mentally incapacitated, even more so on college campuses.

Here is a short clip of Yiannopoulos at UCLA …

Comment: Should liberal college students who need ‘safe spaces’ to protect their feelings be given pacifiers to comfort them in the rough and tumble real world? Share your thoughts below.

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