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John Kelly Expected to Resign – No Longer Speaking to President Trump

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is expected to resign soon after it’s been reported that he and President Donald Trump are no longer on speaking terms.

The President and Kelly have long had a strained relationship. But it appears the time for separation is close at hand.

CNN broke the scoop:

John Kelly is expected to resign as White House chief of staff in the coming days, two sources familiar with the situation unfolding in the West Wing tell CNN.

Trump is actively discussing a replacement plan, though a person involved in the process said nothing is final right now and ultimately nothing is final until Trump announces it.

More reporting from CNN:

Tumult with Kelly and allies in the White House

Yesterday we noted that President Trump is considering a big Cabinet shakeup, including firing John Kelly, to start the year fresh with new members on his team. (RELATED: Trump Still Mulling Firing John Kelly Despite Staff Shortage.)

John Kelly’s departure may be the first firing to start this process, should it happen today or even over the weekend.

Should it come, it will be the culmination of a less-than-amicable relationship between Trump and the man he appointed to essentially run the White House. Last summer, just as Kelly resignation rumors were reaching a fever pitch, Trump put them to bed, declaring that Kelly would stay. (RELATED: John Kelly to Remain in White House.)

But after First Lady Melania Trump’s office clashed with a Kelly ally in the White House last month, rumors of a departure started up again. (RELATED: Rumor: White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to be Fired After Clash with First Lady.)

If Trump and Kelly truly aren’t on speaking terms, then the working relationship is probably irreparable at this point. Look for Kelly to get his walking papers soon.