Want some cold, hard truth? Elected lawmakers have rigged the political system, step by step for 40 to 50 years. And today, it is correct to say we have a “uniparty” of Democrats and Republicans, lesser partners who are professional political scammers and who cannot be gotten rid of quickly.

Year by year, decade by decade, they have inflicted more and more garbage on the country. Both look to their political advantage to gain more power for themselves, their party, and their ruling political class.

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To a certain extent, this isn’t the voters’ doing, but they aren’t blameless. Voters generally make the best decision they can between two terrible choices. (I won’t vote for a candidate I don’t trust; I will vote for a 3rd party loon instead; I might get lucky).

Voters Aren’t Dumb Like Politicians Think

Voters know they are fed trash by a self-organized and strictly self-serving political system (well, at least a plurality of voters get that now, in my opinion), but what can they do?

No one wants to admit that their state is churning out liberals by the thousands with every graduating class. It’s so much easier to blame the people who’ve recently moved in than to fight for real change.

The lie we always hear – “Get involved!” – requires time they don’t have, that must be deducted from their real lives, and is immediately met with professional party attempts to corrupt, block, redirect, frustrate, and ultimately destroy all honest attempts at reform and service to the nation.

Look at what happened to the Tea Party movement. Look what happened to Newt Gingrich. Look what happened to “Reaganism.”

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I believe this current disaster, the insane attempt to destroy Trump, who does represent at least half the American People, shows clearly the hopeless depth of the rot and its existential threat to American self-government. This time it may well end in serious bloodshed and some version of civil war, though Democrats seem to think they can “manage” it to their advantage.

Civil War, You Say?

If it does become a civil war, there will be an end to the “uniparty” and a full accounting for the political class at the hands of the American People.

Those hands will be a lot rougher and more radical than the laws and court system they’ve evaded so well for so long would have been.

Famous people with a high opinion of themselves will be on the last plane out to some nameless flyspeck country with no extradition treaty and secret banking laws, flying on a smoking engine and with bullet holes in the tail.

They see none of this coming. That says it all.

It’s Easy When The Smoke Clears

Democrats have no chance when there is peace and prosperity. It should be clear by now the Dems are willing to bring everything down–even if that means with violence, to get power.

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Unfortunately for freedom-loving patriots, the school systems and universities run by Democrats have trained millions of children to grow up hating their own country (and even hating themselves).

The Democrats want cheap labor for their fat-cat donors. Did you all notice most of the “relief” in the Democrat-led House bill for COVID is targeted at rich people? There is no shame in the Democrat party.

The result of the coming war will be the same as the last. Democrat defeat… and shame. Time to get rid of the Democrat Party.