‘I Love You Joe Biden’: African Illegal Alien Praises President at Same Location Where Another Wanted For Terrorism Was Released

An illegal immigrant from Africa praised the President as he crossed an "overwhelmed" section of the border saying, "I love you, Joe Biden!"
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An illegal immigrant from Africa praised the President as he crossed an “overwhelmed” section of the border saying, “I love you, Joe Biden!”

It is a stark reminder that while the administration feigns that the border is operationally secure, illegal aliens assume they can cross into the United States at their whim.

And now, one at least is expressing gratitude to the President of the United States for the opportunity to breach the border of a sovereign nation.

“I love you, Joe Biden, thank you for everything, Joe Biden!” the man says in a video obtained by Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin earlier this month.

“I’m a good person, I want to be good person here in the United States,” he added.

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Illegal Immigrant Who Loves Joe Biden Just Wants to Make Money

The African illegal immigrant expressing love for Joe Biden isn’t an asylum seeker simply trying to escape his war-torn or impoverished country.

In comments that blow up that Democrat narrative, the man alongside him explains they just want a job.

“I came here because I want [a] quality life, America is a land of opportunity,” he said.

According to Fox News, both men were seeking to go to New York City, one of the most unaffordable places to live on the planet and also a place where the mayor has actively argued illegal aliens are “destroying” it.

But perhaps it’s more affordable when you’ll be off the books, not having to pay exorbitant New York taxes, and will be housed for free.

The man in orange later told reporter Ali Bradley that he “didn’t care” if American taxpayers had to pay for him once he arrived in New York.

The Fox News report indicates that illegal immigrants coming in through this “overwhelmed part of the southern border in Arizona” have been identified as being not only from Africa, but the Middle East and Asia as well.

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Same Location Saw African Illegal Immigrant With Terror Ties Released

The location in Arizona where these two illegal aliens were interviewed is Lukeville, Arizona.

Readers of The Political Insider might note that Lukeville is the site where an African illegal immigrant wanted in Senegal for alleged “terroristic activities” was unwittingly released by Border Patrol officials in October.

That man was “released on his own recognizance” before being arrested, where? You guessed it. In New York City two weeks later.

Earlier this week, more than 12,000 illegal immigrants were encountered at the southern border in a single day — the highest daily total ever recorded.

The staggering numbers come amid a flood of “single, adult men” from African, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries, and a “resurgence of smuggling” from Mexico.

And all the while they taunt Americans and law officials.

“I love you, Joe Biden” was preceded by this human smuggler who, after guiding dozens of illegal aliens to a hole in the border wall, simply shrugged at and saluted border patrol agents and reporters.

We’ve basically come full circle here.

Just two months into his presidency, illegal aliens were reportedly showing up at the border wearing t-shirts in support of President Biden and holding signs that read: “Biden, please let us in!”

He did. And now they ‘love’ him for it.

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