Infuriating Video Shows Human Smuggler Taunt Border Agents With Salute After Guiding Illegal Immigrants Through Hole in Border Wall

Shocking video captured in Arizona shows numerous illegal immigrants running through a hole in the border wall, aided by a human smuggler, in full view of border patrol agents.
Screenshot: @BillMelugin_ X Video

Shocking video captured in Arizona shows numerous illegal immigrants running through a hole in the border wall, aided by a human smuggler, in full view of border patrol agents.

The video was captured by Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin.

Melugin has been on location in Lukeville, where he has located several points along the border wall that have either been cut by smugglers, members of drug cartels, or both.

Agents, he reported, have expressed great frustration because they will weld a hole in the wall only to find they’ve been cut elsewhere.

“They say it’s a constant game of (Whac-a-mole),” he wrote on the X social media platform.

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Hole in the Border Wall Leads to This Infuriating Video

Early Tuesday morning, Melugin posted a new video that shows several illegal immigrants being escorted through one of those holes in the border wall.

What happens at the end should light a fire under any red-blooded American who believes this nation should be secured against invasion.

“Our cameras were rolling in Lukeville, AZ as groups of illegal immigrants rushed through a breach in the border wall as Border Patrol (and) federal contractors were trying to fix it,” he said.

“Their human smuggler then shrugs at our cameras (and) salutes us.”

This is taunting. They are violating federal law and they know they’re going to get away with it. Prompting a smug reaction from a guy who, according to another video from Melugin, may have been paid thousands per illegal alien he helped cross.

“A Mauritanian man told us he paid smugglers $10,000, first flew into Colombia, then headed north to (the) US,” the reporter conveyed.

It’s unclear how much goes directly to the human smuggler, but one could guess it’s a decent paycheck for them to be guiding people through harrowing conditions to get them into the US. And to celebrate after a successful run.

On a side note – a lot of these ‘migrants’ claim to be fleeing from harsh economic conditions and poverty. How are they affording $10,000 for a local border sherpa?

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People Are Outraged

Reaction to the video showing a human smuggler aiding illegal aliens through a hole in the border wall and then taunting anybody watching them was pretty consistent.

“Every single one of these undocumented migrants is committing a federal crime. It’s all being documented. They are rewarded with food, shelter, and a bus ticket to your neighborhood,” writes Citizen Free Press.

“Biden is organizing the invasion.”

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said she blames members of both political parties for doing nothing to secure the border.

“America LAST Washington DC is aiding and abetting criminal cartels, who make BILLIONS from drug and human trafficking, and absolutely refuses to stop the biggest invasion in our history that is responsible for killing Americans!” she wrote on X.

“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation,” added Arizona Representative Andy Biggs (R).

Just one point of contention, Mr. Biggs. America can control its borders. It’s just that this President and his administration have no interest in doing so.

We’d like to think the tide is turning, but we know better. That said, even some weak-kneed Republicans who have thrown all in with Ukraine are finally starting to see the absurdity of not taking care of our own border first or at least with equal fervor.

“You’re really robust when it comes to Ukraine,” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told his Democrat colleagues. “But when it comes to our border, you’re playing a game of doing the least amount possible.”

To be fair, Republicans have been pretty robust with taxpayer dollars for Ukraine. And not a lot has been done about the border. Videos like the ones above have been circulating for years.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) took a swipe at “clueless” Democrats who “want to negotiate the border bill.”

“Not going to happen. Is an open border more important to Dems than Ukraine and Israel?”

That is a rhetorical question for sure.

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