Illegal Moroccan Immigrant Says He ‘Doesn’t Care’ If Americans Have To Pay For Him


A 20-year-old illegal immigrant from Morocco was in Border Patrol custody over the weekend. He’s since been released and is now in New York City.

Perhaps offering a glimpse into the invasion crisis that otherwise generous Americans would rather not here, the man, Oussama, offered his unvarnished opinions on what he thinks he is owed by the American people for his trouble.

Take a look:

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‘I have no idea how to get a visa’

That wasn’t the only thing Oussama had to say. He also explained that he illegally invaded America because he didn’t know how to get a proper visa.

Surely something plenty of legal immigrants can commiserate with, and yet, not a valid excuse to break the law.

News Nation reported on Friday:

A 20-year-old from Morocco told NewsNation he’s ready to follow America’s rules and pay into the system even though he’s not legally able to do so. …

A streamer and gamer in his home country, Os said he is headed toward New York where he plans to buy a bicycle and drive for Uber. When asked why he did not cross at a legal port of entry, Os told NewsNation he didn’t know how.

“I have no idea how to get a visa,” Os said.

So what does he plan to do now?

News Nation’s Ali Bradley reported on Tuesday via X, “Ous made it to New York City but tells me he is having trouble finding a place to live and discovered he cannot work legally in the U.S. without a social security number/driver’s license.”

She added, “He was released from Border Patrol custody the day after we spoke—He received a Notice to Appear on his own recognizance set for October of 2024 in NY. *I spelled his name incorrectly in the original post—The correct spelling is Oussama.*”

What are the chances this man will show up to court next year?

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Why Are We Just Releasing Illegal Immigrants Into the Country?

What is going on? How many times does this happen every day? Every month? Every year?

Don’t the American people have a right to have a say in any of this? Especially for law-breakers who feel so entitled to the fruits of American labor?

NewsNation added on Friday, “Os said he believes it will be easy to find work in the U.S. and he’s willing to do anything for America. He expressed his love for American music and thanked President Joe Biden for everything.”

It continued, “When asked what he would do if he was told he had to go back to Morocco, Os said it wasn’t an option.”

“I will kill myself,” Os said.

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