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illegal immigration good
February 28, 2024
Liberal media outlet Axios wants Americans to think that there’s an economic “silver lining” to this border chaos.
7.2 million illegals
February 23, 2024
Over 7 million illegal aliens have crossed the border since Biden came into office. That’s twice as many people as live in Los Angeles.
elon musk illegal immigration
February 9, 2024
According to billionaire entrepreneur and legal immigrant Elon Musk, this is part of the president’s plan to import “as many votes as possible.”
washington covid illegal
February 5, 2024
Federal funds given to Washington state during the COVID-19 pandemic ended up in the hands of illegal immigrants, according to a recent report.
supreme court border
January 23, 2024
On Monday, the so-called ‘conservative’ Supreme Court ultimately decided that the Biden administration’s federal Border Patrol agents could cut through […]
measles washington dc
January 17, 2024
On Tuesday, health officials issued a warning about possible measles exposure in both Dulles and Ronald Reagan airports in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.
bernie sanders open borders
January 10, 2024
Yet in 2015, far-left socialist Bernie Sanders said that open borders was a rightwing ‘Koch brothers proposal.’
illegal immigration record
January 3, 2024
To say there is a problem with the U.S.-Mexico border is an understatement, and December proved it. Less a border […]
supreme court razor wire
January 3, 2024
Since the federal government isn’t doing anything to help the tragic situation on the border, the state of Texas has undertaken several measures to prevent illegal immigration in key places.
mexicans support trump
December 21, 2023
America’s broken borders are a problem for all Americans, not just the poor souls who live along the border with Mexico.
trump eric bolling
December 21, 2023
Newsmax host Eric Bolling recently interviewed Donald Trump for a “Christmas message for the folks” and received a warning.
December 20, 2023
The besieged U.S. southern border saw a record number of illegal crossings ever recorded in a single day on Monday.