Howard Stern Doubles Down – Refuses To Apologize For Saying Trump Supporters Should ‘Drop Dead’

Yesterday, we reported that radio host Howard Stern had launched a vile attack on President Donald Trump and his supporters, saying that those who voted for him should take disinfectant and “drop dead.” On his show on Tuesday, Stern refused to apologize for his controversial remarks, instead saying that anyone who can’t see that Trump mishandled the coronavirus crisis is “f***ing mental.”

Stern began his latest rant by saying that while he is surprised the media picked up his initial comments wishing death upon millions of conservative Americans, he stands by them because he believes Trump “blew it” when it came to responding to COVID-19.

“We’re America, we had a whole bunch of viruses that have come and gone because we had very, very competent people and whole organizations set up to keep this stuff out of America. And you know a lot of those people were fired. I’m pissed. I’m pissed off,” Stern said. “We could have been on top of this thing. And if you’re not pissed off your f-cking mental.”

Not stopping there, the shock jock only became more unhinged: “History is going to tell the truth. This administration dropped the f-cking ball,” he exclaimed. “They did. I mean, you can go believe whatever the f-ck you want. I know what I believe. And I’m pissed off about it.”

Stern went on to discuss fan reactions that he’d received after his comments, indicating that the negative responses to his offensive political views had touched a nerve. “People are writing me about politics, ‘Howard don’t talk about politics.’ F-ck this isn’t politics man. I’m locked in my house because of this sh**,” he said. “Politics, they blew it. You got to know that. You don’t know that, you’re a f-cking moron. Go ahead and Clorox your a**hole. Pour it in.”

If an entertainer had wished death upon millions of Democrats, he or she would have been blacklisted immediately from the entire entertainment industry. Since Stern went after Trump supporters, however, he likely won’t suffer any career repercussions from this. It’s despicable that he couldn’t see the error of his ways, and decided to double down instead of apologize for wishing harm upon millions of people.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on April 28, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • Stern is a washed up has been trying to be relevant. If he had an intelligent thought he would see how much Trump has done for this country compared to his leftist haters. Do you actually think Bidden has half his brain left along with Pelosi. God help you with your mental disorders

  • Stern may be a potty mouth, but he speaks the truth. Trump is a derelict president who will, thankfully, be gone in 2021.

  • I am amazed as how all these has been or never were, come out of the ground like the worms they are and just to try to get another 15 seconds of fame, speak out of their "S". For sterns, this is normal since he is one the biggest awhole around. Just an old worn out facsimile of a human being. RIIP quickly aka die already,.

  • Howard stern is a unintelligent brown nose. He wants Hollywood big shots to like him. So he will drink the Democrats Kool-Aid to be just like them. Small man small mind. We need this kind of feed back so we can see just how right we are.

  • My, imagine what his outrage for China must be! Oh, wait, who cares, they are communist and a threat to America. So to him, they are the good guys, so ...

  • I agree with husband & dad died for our country..this bozo sits there with tons of $$$..while others are just making it by. How many Trump supports helped to put money in his pocket..time to turn off howard for good..

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