Hillary Calls Trump ‘Failure’ – Lets Democrats Know She’s Waiting In The Wings

Joe Biden can't be happy with her increasing profile.

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With trouble from black radicals within his own party (especially if he doesn’t pick a black woman as veep nominee), a fumbled response on the riots, and a lackluster campaign that was overshadowed first by the virus and then by violent street battles orchestrated by domestic terrorists, the last thing Joe Biden needs right now is a political shark hungrily circling around his leaky dinghy.

But that’s just what he’s got, as Hillary Clinton, who wants the nomination again so bad she can taste the chum in the water, is speaking to the Los Angeles Times like she, not Biden, is the nominee. She said this right after Biden clinched enough candidates to be the actual nominee a couple of days ago .

Said Hillary, referring to the president though also sending a hardly subtle signal about Biden,  “It is a mystery why anybody with a beating heart and a working mind still supports him.” The pathological liar and Ellie Iselin impersonator claimed the president makes everything “all about him.” This, coming from Hillary Clinton. Wow. She is a person with zero self-awareness.

The putative usurper went on, “If it’s about a terrible pandemic with an unprecedented virus, he tries to ignore it, tries to keep the attention on himself. Then when it becomes impossible to do that, he tries to seize the moment and turn it into a daily rally, like he loves to do. And then when it becomes impossible to ignore, he tries to change the subject, he tries to withdraw from the spotlight so he can come up with some other diversion and distraction for the body politic and the press. When we have a terrible killing like we did in Minneapolis, he makes some steps toward — in the very early hours after we all saw that horrific video — to look like he’s going to be empathetic, to look like he’s going to try to talk about this stripping bare of the continuing racism and inequities of law enforcement and justice system. And then he pivots again because he’s not comfortable doing that.” That statement followed this tweet.

The whining, lies, and evasions in the statement are almost too numerous to count. First there’s the jealousy over MAGA/KAG rallies, a feat she or Biden cannot match. “Diversion or distraction?”  You mean like stealing the thunder of a guy who just secured the nomination of your own party? And, of course, “continuing racism.” It’s the Democrat bread and butter to try and guilt Americans into voting for them.

“For many white people, conversations about systemic racism and our own privilege are uncomfortable,” she whinged. “Here’s what I’ve learned over the years: That discomfort is a good thing. It’s a necessary part of examining our own biases and actions, and our own role in perpetuating inequality.”

“White people?” Interesting how she refers to her own ethnicity as if she, Rachel Dolezal-like, has deluded herself into thinking she is black, or of whatever other heritage she thinks will play that day with the media and her hard leftist acolytes. Then there’s “systemic racism” again and “perpetuating inequality.” Uh huh. This from a woman who has referred to young black males as “super-predators.” If she thought her base would react well to it, Hillary would don a pointy-headed sheet and carry a burning cross. Again, reference Ellie Iselin. But not everyone is buying her shtick. There’s this accurate analysis below.

If the Democrats do jettison Biden and go with Hillary they may think they will be trading up. But as Bill Clinton realized decades ago, with Hillary the indicator is always going to point downwards.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on June 7, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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