Hillary Backs Impeachment: Trump ‘Betrayed Our Country’

Perpetual campaign failure Hillary Clinton weighed in on the Democrats push for impeachment, offering support and saying President Trump “betrayed our country” and represents a “clear and present danger.”

The latter phrase refers to a free speech test established by the Supreme Court in which circumstances “will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.”

That’s right. Democrats, from the mainstream to the far-left socialists, think Trump represents a ‘substantive evil.’

Clinton actually tweeted these comments after the release of the transcript of a call between Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and Trump. That call was at the center of the Democrats impeachment inquiry, and one in which they allege Trump committed a quid pro quo. Unfortunately for their cause, there is zero evidence of this.

But that didn’t stop Clinton, wife of the last President to actually be impeached, from hammering Trump and accusing him of betraying the country.

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To be fair, self-awareness was never really Hillary’s strong suit.

On the subject of using the same foreign nation to investigate political opponents, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) worked with government officials in Ukraine who sought to bolster Clinton and undermine President Trump. The cozy Clinton relationship could “be traced back to late 2013” according to Politico. The embassy in Washington also admitted that an operative in the DNC sought dirt in 2016 on Trump.

On the subject of opposition research, the DNC paid former British spy Christopher Steele $160,000 dollars for opposition research on the President. Steele gathered information from top Russian officials including a former spy chief and top Kremlin adviser. Hillary admitted that her lawyer paid for the dossier.


And when it comes to an actual impeachable offense like obstruction of justice, both Bill and Hillary Clinton have that market cornered. William was impeached because of it and, as Bill Maher has pointed out, it’s actually Hillary who obstructed justice by “smashing up your phones and your hard drives” when her emails were being investigated.

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Meanwhile, the transcript of the call between Trump and Zelensky shows zero evidence of a quid pro quo, zero mention of withholding military aid, and the Department of Justice, which received the whistleblower complaint that sent this entire thing into motion, declined to investigate.

They have nothing and they want the American people to think Trump’s actions represent a ‘betrayal’ of his country.

The only ‘clear and present danger’ to this nation was prevented back in 2016, when the President sent Hillary packing after a stunning defeat.

That defeat has been so all-encompassing in Democrats minds for three years that they’ve done nothing but try to remove Trump from office to avenge her. It is the Democrats who have betrayed this great country.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • What the heck????? She's a fine one to talk! Didn't she sell 1/5th of our country's Uranium to the Russians and then have Bill make a 15 minute speech in Russia to the tune of $500,000? Don't you think that was a QUID PRO QUO? Not only that, but who was colluding with Russia? Hillary and the Democrats! Not Trump!

  • Does anyone listen to that witch from 2016? She has a lot of bull when she talks about any thing that TRUMP has done. She was he biggest joke of the last 50 plus years as a candidate for President. She was a liar, a thief and the worse ever candidate. SHUT UP Hillary and just go away. Madam President (ho ho that is rich) just fly away on your broom stick. Can't you get it ...WE DON'T want you.

  • Hitler-y should be the last one to support Impeachment for anyone. She had her greedy hands in more dirty deals than anyone can imagine, and not even mentioning murders;so-called sucides, trashing the US and all those visits to Orgy Island, etc. However, we know the Whistleblower was planted in a position to set Trump up for impeachment. REMEMBER EVERYBODY, THE DEM'S ARE DOING ALL THEY CAN, ILLEGAL OR NOT, TO IMPEACH TRUMP. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO IS DANGEROUS TO OUR COUNTRY, WHEN WE CITIZENS CAN'T TRUST THE FBI OR THE CIA. WHAT A DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY. And even the thought that all these investigations and planning to impeach, these people are not doing their jobs that they hold and were voted in to do. NOT FOR THE COUNTRY, THESE PEOPLE ARE ONLY FOR THEIR POWER AND WALLETS. THEY BETTER BE CAREFUL WHAT THEY WISH FOR BECAUSE WHEN THE MUSLIMS AND LIBERALS TAKE OVER THE WHOLE COUNTRY, INCLUDEING THE LIBERALS WILL BE IN TROUBLE.

  • I am still waiting for them to lock her up for all the corruption she has caused. She should of paid dearly for the back stabbing in Benghazi, letting those men die. This is why a lot of people did not vote for her and why she lost the election.

  • I laughed so hard I almost threw up when I read this article about Hilarious Hillary saying our President should be impeached. She is so funny!!!

  • Of course, she does. She's still butthurt over losing and is probably financing the movement along with Soros.

  • WOW the nerve of some people! Hillary better shut her piehole and be grateful Barr hasn't come for her yet! You are more guilty than anyone regarding election fraud and specifically targeting Trump with her fake dossier!

  • Seriously!? She's talking about betrayal!? Real betrayal is when your husband is getting a B/J from a 22 year old intern in the WHITE HOUSE! That's betrayal...NOW SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND GO AWAY!!!

  • Both she and her corrupt husband/sex aggressive so she hardly has any room to call out someone else. She's a POS, smells like a POS, talks like a POS, and would NEVER become the POTUS. She is a nasty, evil, crazy, dirty, corrupt, lying, ugly POS! NO ONE wants to hear from her - go back under your rock!

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