Bill Maher: Hillary Clinton Obstructed Justice

Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s ‘Real Time,’ claims Hillary Clinton clearly obstructed justice when it came investigating her private email server scandal.

Maher was speaking with CNN’s Chris Cuomo when he made the admission – an admission that had to be startling to liberals who often view Maher as an ally.

He pointed to some rather obvious examples which included the destruction of physical evidence such as cell phones by use of a hammer.

Maher and Cuomo were discussing Clinton’s 2016 campaign and explaining why she was a bad candidate when the CNN host brought up the scandal.

“She didn’t help herself [nor] the situation with the emails in terms of how she handled her answers and her actions,” Cuomo explained.

“Absolutely,” Maher concurred. “And she committed obstruction of justice. Now Trump, I think, did in much worse fashion, but I mean… smashing up your phones and your hard drives…”

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Of course, we’re not quite sure how he came to the conclusion that Trump obstructed justice ‘worse.’

Did he delete tens of thousands of emails? Did he have staff actually destroy cellphones with hammers and request that they eliminate computer files using BleachBit?

Maher ❤️’s Obama

Before you assume that Maher had a breakthrough, keep in mind that during this same interview he declared former president Barack Obama to have served the country scandal-free.

Worse, he dismissed major scandals – including Benghazi and Fast and Furious, which resulted in actual dead bodies – to be “nothingburgers.”

Maher declared without evidence that Obama had two “successful” terms in office without a “whiff of scandal.”

He then chided Republicans for trying to create scandals during his presidency.

“They tried Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, all these nothingburgers,” he scoffed.

Those, to say the least, were significant scandals. Add in the fact that Obama tried to criminalize reporters, interfered in foreign elections, attempted to rewrite the Constitution through executive orders, and punished political opponents (see the Russian collusion hoax and IRS scandals), and you have a perpetually corrupt individual.

Obama was most certainly NOT scandal-free.

Maher’s Moments of Clarity

It doesn’t happen very often, but Maher does on occasion provide clarity on certain issues to an otherwise insane liberal nation in Hollywood.

When David Hogg attempted to boycott opposing voices on Fox News, Maher called him out. When CNN analysts cheered the elimination of voices like Alex Jones from social media, he called them out as well.

More recently, he slammed Rep. Adam Schiff – and by extension, the entire Democrat party – for “stalking” Trump with a continued push for impeachment.

“This was our big gun,” Maher said of the Mueller report. “Now it just looks like you’re stalking him.”

In his interview with Cuomo, Maher also denounced political correctness as the “cancer of progressivism.”

Now he’s explaining what everyone else – with the exception of former FBI director James Comey – already knew. Hillary and her associates obstructed justice. They should have been indicted.

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