‘The View’ Hosts Rave About ‘Scandal-Free’ Obama – Here’s What They’re Forgetting

The ladies of “The View” ganged up on Meghan McCain earlier this week, openly prattling on about how the Obama administration was allegedly scandal-free during his eight years in office.

The discussion began when a story about security clearances in the Trump White House was used as a means to berate conservatives who would have been all over the story had it happened during Obama’s time in office.

They couldn’t help but make the claim – over and over again – that Obama was scandal-free.

“None of this happened in the Obama — the minute people say if this was Obama,” Joy Behar sputtered. “Nothing like this even remotely close ever happened in that administration. Completely scandal-free!”

McCain Fights Back – A Little

McCain insisted that she didn’t want to get off topic, perhaps knowing that a rehash of the Obama administration scandals would take up a serious chunk of time, but even when she tried to give a counterpoint, the other ladies would interrupt and parrot the notion of a White House with no scandals.

“It was pretty scandal-free,” Sunny Hostin barked at one point.

Hostin argued that Obama wearing a tan suit was his biggest scandal which is A) absurd and B) a completely media-concocted story to smear conservatives.

“I’m just saying — the Obama-administration was indeed scandal-free!” Hostin declared.


I’d argue that the ladies of “The View” have a distorted view of reality, but that’s a foregone conclusion with nearly every topic they discuss.

Rather, it’s important to note how effective the mainstream media was at dishing out ‘fake news’ long before President Trump ever coined the phrase. They actually believe this garbage, and it’s more than likely they’ve never heard of these things or, like the media, willfully ignored the negative news.

Behar pushed McCain to name a single Obama scandal. Even though she clearly did not want to go down that path for the sake of discussion, McCain managed to point out the ‘pallets of cash‘ the former President gave to his friends in Iran.

“The Iran deal. Number one,” McCain chimed in after Behar challenged her. “I mean, billions of dollars in unmarked bills in the middle of the night given to Iran.”

Number one. Of course, we could name a litany of further examples, but for sake of time and space, here’s a brief reminder to the View hosts:

  • Enemy of the Press – Obama used the DOJ to try and shut down Fox News reporter James Rosen by spying on him and accusing him of committing a crime.
  • Enemy of Religion – Obama had a longstanding record of discriminating against the Christians and Catholics, whether it was his fight to force churches to pay for abortions or the fact that he all but ignored Christian refugees being persecuted in the Middle East.
  • Enemy of the Constitution – Obama issued 23 executive orders to push federal gun control laws, forced his signature health care law through by circumventing the Constitution, and made recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board while the Senate was not in recess, an act the Supreme Court recently unanimously ruled unconstitutional.
  • Enemy of Free and Fair Elections – Interfered in Israel’s elections in an effort to oust Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Enemy of Political Opposition – Weaponized the government against his political opponents (see the Russian collusion hoax and IRS scandals).
  • Enemy of Truth – Covered up a gun-running scandal known as Fast and Furious that resulted in the deaths of dozens of people, including border agent Brian Terry. Covered up the truth behind what happened in Benghazi.

This is, most definitely, just a short list of the Obama scandals. We haven’t even bothered to touch trading high-ranking terrorists for a traitor, or giving Iran access to the U.S. financial system, etc.

Whatever the depth to which it is analyzed, the notion that Barack Obama was ‘scandal-free’ is absurd.

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