Hawaii Wildfire Kills 36, Wipes Out Entire Town Of Lahaina – ‘Dead Bodies Floating On The Seawall’

Hawaii Wildfire
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At least 36 people have been killed and many more are missing as a massive wildfire continues to devastate Hawaii. The entire town of Lahaina, one of the most historic towns in Hawaii, was completely wiped out by the wildfire, leaving hundreds homeless.

Wildfire Wipes Out Entire Town

Daily Mail reported that the wildfire began on Tuesday and spread fast, especially on the island of Maui. Hurricane Dora caused high winds that fanned the flames, and the low humidity and dry conditions that were the result of a drought only worsened the situation.

Thousands have been fleeing in cars and even on foot, with some jumping in the harbor to escape the heat.

“We just had the worst disaster I’ve ever seen. All Lahaina is burnt to a crisp. It’s like an apocalypse,” one resident said on Wednesday.

Another resident fled with his wife and child, sleeping in a Whole Foods parking lot before receiving word that their home had been destroyed.

“We got to this side of the island midnight last night, with my wife and dog, we slept in a parking lot at Whole Foods,” he said. “We woke up and got on our phones to pictures of our house down to slab. Nothing but smoke and cinders. We have the clothes we got on, a dog and two kids. And here we are.”

‘Dead Bodies Floating On The Seawall’

“We’ve still got dead bodies floating on the seawall,” added another Lahaina local. “They’ve been sitting there since last night. We’ve been pulling people out since last night, trying to save peoples’ lives.”

One local resident said, “There were cars abandoned on the road, I assume those people couldn’t get out in time.”

“They probably headed to the ocean, the ones that could make it, and people leaving their homes,” he added. “If a young person could barely get out of there with their family, then the elderly are trapped, those that are handicapped.”

“It’s terrifying to think about all those families losing their loved ones and their homes,” he concluded.

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Joe Biden And Other Officials Respond

Lt Governor Sylvia Luke flew over Lahaina so that she could assess the damage herself.

“[It] was just so shocking and devastating,” she said afterwards. “The whole town was devastated, the whole town was decimated.”

President Joe Biden has ordered “all available federal assets” be sent to Hawaii to fight these wildfires.

“Jill and I send our deepest condolences to the families of those who lost loved ones in the wildfires in Maui, and our prayers are with those who have seen their homes, businesses, and communities destroyed,” Biden said, according to Hawaii News Now. “We are grateful to the brave firefighters and first responders who continue to run toward danger, putting themselves in harm’s way to save lives.”


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Governor Issues Warning

Hawaii Governor Josh Green (D) has warned that there is not enough shelter “for long-term living” for the hundreds who have lost their homes to the wildfire.

“What we’re trying to do right now is to make sure that anyone who doesn’t need to be in Maui for anything but essential travel does not go to Maui,” he said.

“I’m making a call right now to all the people of Hawaii: If you have an ADU on your property, if you have a rental that’s not occupied right now, we will be promoting a program quite quickly to put people back into shelter,” Green continued. “We already struggle with homelessness and a severe shortage of housing in our state, so this of course exacerbates that problem.”

This is clearly a truly horrifying situation for the people of Hawaii. Please join us in saying a prayer for all those impacted by this wildfire, and that it be contained as soon as possible.

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