Fox’s Peter Doocy Fires Back at Biden After He Snaps Over ‘Lousy Question’ About Hunter’s Business Dealings: ‘They Don’t Want to Talk About Possible Legal Problems’

Peter Doocy believes President Biden's angry response to a "lousy question" is further evidence that the White House does not want to discuss Hunter Biden's business deals and the "possible legal problems."
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Fox News reporter Peter Doocy believes President Biden’s angry response to what he deemed a “lousy question” is further evidence that the White House does not want to discuss Hunter Biden’s business deals and the “possible legal problems” arising from them.

On Wednesday, Biden was confronted by Doocy about recent Congressional testimony from Devon Archer, a former business associate of Hunter Biden’s.

Archer testified to Congress that the President was put on speakerphone or met in person with his son’s business associates twenty times as a means to sell “the brand” and secure lucrative ventures.

“There’s this testimony now where one of your son’s former business associates is claiming that you were on speakerphone a lot with them, talking business,” Doocy told Biden after an event in New Mexico.

“I never talked business with anybody,” Biden claimed before chirping back, “I knew you’d have a lousy question.”

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Peter Doocy Explains Why Biden Snapped Over ‘Lousy Question’

Doocy seemed taken aback by President Biden’s response, asking, “Why is that a lousy question?”

“Because it’s not true,” Biden replied before stomping off.

Doocy appeared on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning to discuss the altercation, suggesting the visceral response to his question is an indication the President isn’t comfortable talking about it.

“I understand that he – they don’t want to talk about this,” Doocy stated. “He has spent most of August trying to promote a great economy, he’s been on vacation.”

“They’ve been taking a strategy where they want the attention to be on the Republican frontrunner. They want the attention to be on Trump in court,” he said. “And they don’t want to be talking about possible legal problems for their side.”

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It Was Actually a Lousy Answer

Democrats have maintained that while the President did, in fact, speak with Hunter Biden’s business associates many times over the years, it constituted mundane conversations about the “weather.”

According to reported photographs, visitor logs, and other documentation, President Biden personally met with at least 14 of Hunter’s business associates over 16 occasions between 2010 and 2018 – including associates from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Mexico.

An IRS whistleblower’s testimony earlier this year led to revelations of a WhatsApp message from Hunter threatening a foreign national and claiming his father was sitting in the room with him at the time as a means to strong-arm him.

“I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled,” Hunter told a Chinese businessman.

The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday released redacted bank records which purportedly show the Biden family and their allies receiving at least $20 million from foreign sources.

Constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley said Biden’s influence peddling may amount to “one of the greatest corruption scandals in the history of Washington.”

“If they could just set the record straight and explain exactly what happened …” Doocy said, “the story and the intrigue around it become less and less.”

He did say that the White House called him after the ‘lousy question’ incident to refute specifics of the allegations on discussing business.

An administration official claimed in Archer’s testimony he never “specifically” mentions any kind of business transactions.

“But Devon Archer later did come out and say it is categorically false that President Biden – then-Vice President Biden – did not know what was going on with Hunter while all of this was happening,” Doocy responded.

“That is why we asked the question that we did.”

Biden famously snapped at Peter Doocy calling him a “stupid son of a bitch” last year, which seems like a very clear-cut example of projection on his part.

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