Gillibrand Tells Audience She Benefitted Based On Her Skin Color

I don’t know too much about white guilt as I am not a white person, but it triggers me to watch a weak-kneed individual like Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand speak about her whiteness and how she has benefitted from her color over black people.

What solution does this bring? How does this fix anything? Does she plan on giving up her millions? Will she open up her home to black families and fork over her bank account? This political posturing and pandering are getting on my last nerve. I don’t care what Gillibrand has because if it were hurting her so severely, if it were destroying her conscious, she would not be where she is now.

Gillibrand was explicitly asked how she has benefited in her career from being a white woman during an interview with the Daily Mail.

Gillibrand: “I am certain I have been. I’m certain of it. I think you know disproportionately that black and brown people have less economic opportunity. Just look at the pay gap.”

“The fact that white women earn more than black women, earn more than Latinas. It’s in the pay that I receive, so the truth is yes, I have benefited because of my whiteness, and that’s just a fact.”

By her standard and admission, she must resign immediately and forfeit all her and as well as her husband’s monetary gains as it has been enormous, since becoming an elected official.

Gillibrand Is a Long Shot to Win Dem Nomination

Gillibrand, a long shot to win the Democratic nomination expanded on her “enormous amounts of white privilege,” during a Netroots Nation organizing conference in Philadelphia last week.

Gillibrand: “A community has been left behind for generations because of the color of their skin. Institutional racism is real.”

“There is a deference that is given to whiteness in society today. And, you see it all the time,” Gillibrand told Daily Mail.


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Sorry, folks, I just don’t get it. What type of “sick” high do you get from telling these stories? Does she think black voters will move toward her side after hearing this? That should be a resounding NO! By her standard and admission, she must resign immediately and forfeit all her and as well as her husband’s monetary gains as it has been enormous, since becoming an elected official.

Gillibrand: “I travel with a woman who’s black, I watch how she’s treated when we walk into a hotel room, into a hotel to check-in. I watch how she’s treated in a restaurant. I watch how whether the person who’s taking her order listens to her order and gets it right,”

“I’ve sat with black Americans, and they’re literally not listened to,”

“I don’t think you can overstate the reality of institutional racism in society today. I really don’t think you can overstate it. It is so prevalent. It is in healthcare, it is in education, it’s in the economy, it’s in the criminal justice system.”

Gillibrand also described an incident where she was driving down the wrong side of the street. When pulled over by the police officer, she said a police officer asked her if she needed help. She believes the situation would have been different if she was a black person.

Gillibrand: ‘If I was a black woman, or God forbid a black man, he would not only pull me out of that car, he might arrest me. I could be shot”

It would have been nice for her to provide examples, but all Gillibrand does is rant away in vagaries and never offer any documented case with evidence. Just newfound hindsight in her perspective, based on her desperate need to race-bait for attention.

Democrats Focusing on Race

She benefited because her parents had money. Poor whites are no different than poor blacks, poor Hispanics, poor Asians, poor American Indians, or poor anyone. Poor people can’t afford to help their children-they can barely pay their bills.

Every time a Democrat opens their mouth, it proves that to be a liberal, you have to be an utterly brain-dead moron. The Democrats are focused on race above all else, while they call others ‘racist.’

America’s public indoctrination education system failed those idiotic liberal Americans – the way it was meant to be.

Wayne Dupree

Wayne is a freelance writer who was named the 2015 American Conservative Union Blogger of the Year and awarded the 2014 Podcast Of the Year; Best in Show. He has over 160K followers on Twitter (@WayneDupreeShow) and over 300K followers on Facebook (@WayneDupreeShow). In 2016, he was named one of the Top 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans by Newsmax.

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  • Gellibrand is a phoney and I cannot believe that the people in New York still vote for her and Schumer.

  • Gillibrand when you don't have the personality of Warren, the good looks of AOC, the honesty of Hildabeast, or the sexiness of Moooochelle.

  • People say Gillibrand's got a baby doll voice. If anything she's relied on affirmative action for women to get ahead. Girlfriend's playing the system every way she can.

  • Gillibrand's principles are equal to a New York street-walker. She made immoral proposals to Donald Trump for money.

  • She and her bleeding- heart -ilk use race and colour as an obscene political weapon to divide and rule, to implement their socialist agenda on a capitalist state. I would applaud them if they really cared for the hapless objects of their machinations. And ethnic minorities are getting wise to them. But if Ms. Gillibrand is so full of remorse for her privilege, she has options. She can give up her lifestyle, don sackcloth and self flagellate. Or she can give up all her wealth and become a nun, working in Africa to alleviate real sufcvering That would convince us of her sincerity.

  • Very true, very true - upto a point.The DNC plucked her out of obscurity and gave her the Hillary NYS seat!!! And simply beause she is a Democrat. So its the Democrats who benefit by the colour of their skin - white Democrats get US Senate seats, other Democrats get Obama phones/EBTs.

  • Is she bragging or complaining? Is she on some sort of guilt trip? Does she think this attitude will get her more votes? Does she really think her skin color alone has given her benefits that others have not received? May there not have been other factors? Do most people really care about a person's skin color these days? Or are they more concerned with the quality of who a person is?

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