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trey gowdy obliterates aoc
July 15, 2020
Trey Gowdy eviscerated Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over comments she made suggesting crime is on the rise in New York due to people ‘shoplifting bread.’
James Woods
February 11, 2020
James Woods confronted California Gov. Gavin Newsom for bragging about California’s economy and criticizing President Trump for increasing the deficit. 
February 9, 2020
The clueless Pope Francis has sided with the radical left once again, much to the dismay of conservative Christians everywhere.
July 16, 2019
Barack Obama said that poverty and crime alone are not justifications for asylum claims, comments that closely mirror the Trump administration.
July 15, 2019
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand speaks about her whiteness and how she has benefittedin her career from her color over black people.
September 17, 2018
The liberal state highest poverty rate award goes to none other than California which boasts record-high poverty and proudly
August 3, 2018
Trump food stamps use has seen a dramatic decline in the first year and a half since the president officially took office
Trump welfare reform
April 24, 2018
In 2009, 33,490,000 people received food stamp benefits. And it only went up from there under Obama’s watch. By October of 2016, 44,219,123 people received food stamp benefits, an increase of about 10,729,000.
June 13, 2017
A new video shows why the minimum wage increases poverty.
May 23, 2017
The Trump food stamps cut proposal as part of his latest budget is likely to enrage Democrats who want to continue policies
May 4, 2017
Whoopi Goldberg of The View decided to go after Dr. Carson because he has taken a certain tone with public housing that nobody has before. We all know if t
March 20, 2017
But there is one program, Meals on Wheels, which liberals are in panic mode after the Trump administration announced plans to eliminate federal funding of