First off, let me say Dr. Ben Carson deserves so much respect from the liberal left. They continue to bash this man because he chose not to side with them and their “woe is me, I am a black man, the white man is out to get me,” attitude.

Whoopi Goldberg of The View decided to go after Dr. Carson because he has taken a certain tone with public housing that nobody has before. We all know if the government gives and gives, it’s most likely the receiver will not raise up to do for themselves.

Goldberg and others like her want to use the emotional argument instead of common sense when it deals with getting people off the government’s dime. They will quickly bring in racial issues or class warfare arguments to keep individuals divided and angry.

Carson has seen it all and wants to help inner-city minorities reach their potential. Goldberg wants to attack him for it and allow things to continue as they are.

Source: Daily Caller

Whoopi Goldberg opened Thursday’s episode of “The View” with a bang. “No one has a way with words quite like our new Housing Secretary Dr. Ben Carson.”

Spurred on by comments Ben Carson made while touring low-income housing in Columbus, Ohio that people who live in these developments shouldn’t be too “comfortable,” Goldberg let loose on the head of HUD.

“It just feels, Ben, like you’re kinda blaming poor people for being poor. You think poor people wanna stay in the housing because I gotta tell you, all I could think of was how to get the hell out of there.”

Goldberg herself once lived in the Chelsea Houses, a government-subsidized housing project in Manhattan.

Here’s the video clip:

Whoopi didn’t settle for the ghetto, so it’s strange to me to watch her give those still living there a pass. She wants to treat them like babies as if they can’t raise up and fix their problems on their own. She’s not there now, and that’s a testament to her will and strength to survive.

Maybe she should go with Carson and speak to those in shotty neighborhoods and bring a bigger voice and solutions instead of going after Carson.

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