Get Over It! Chaffetz Slams President and Dems over Netanyahu Speech


Israel, our nation’s biggest pro-democratic ally in the Middle East, surrounded by a hotbed of terrorism and tyranny, sends their Prime Minister to speak about the perils his nation faces, and Democrats are firmly against it.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest has said he doubts the President will watch Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech. Vice-President Joe Biden departed for another country rather than attend the speech. And 34 Democrats have pledged to boycott the Prime Minister’s speech.

Why? Because House Speaker John Boehner didn’t clear it with President Obama first. And by doing so, it makes him look bad.

Democrats have essentially banded together and said that Obama’s hurt feelings take precedence over discussing concerns with an ally who has been threatened with annihilation.

One Congressman is a bit tired of the nonsense, and told Democrats who take issue with the speech or how it was handled to “Get over it!”

Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) appeared with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer last evening and engaged in a heated exchange. Blitzer appeared to be carrying the Democrats message for them, asking if John Boehner should have had the “courtesy to tell the White House what he was planning on doing.”

Chaffetz bristled, saying “we’re talking about semantics” and told Blitzer, the Democrats, and the President to “get over it” because “he’s gonna come here and speak to a joint session of Congress.”


Do you side with Congressman Chaffetz – Is it time for Democrats to get over it and accept the fact that Netanyahu is coming to speak to Congress?


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