Peters: If Israel Was Wiped Off the Planet, Obama Wouldn’t Shed a Tear


Retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters spoke with Sean Hannity last night regarding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic speech to Congress. Peters shed some light on the incredibly fractured relationship our President has with America’s most important ally in the Middle East.

Peters claims that Obama is so desperate to make a deal that would, as Netanyahu explained, pave the road to a nuclear bomb for Iran, that he is willing to simply sacrifice Israel.

“Let’s face it,” he said. “If Israel disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow, Obama would not shed a tear.”

Peters also hammered the President for being “incapable of learning” when it comes to Iran’s past behaviors, and assessed Obama as “a spiteful failure.”

Take a look at the entire segment in which Peters absolutely crushes the President for his anti-Israeli stance …

Via Fox News:

“Let’s face it. If Israel disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow, Obama would not shed a tear,” Peters said.

Peters claimed that the administration has accepted that Iran will get a bomb, but it wants a “decent interval of denial” between Obama’s presidency and then.

Peters called Obama “a spiteful failure as president.” Peters told Sean Hannity that he’s ashamed and embarrassed by Obama.

“Obama is incapable of learning, we have to recognize that,” Peters said. “Six years into his term, he still thinks he can make friends with Iran. It is stunning.”

Controversial question: Is President Obama so anti-American that he is willing to sacrifice one of our biggest friends and allies in the Middle East?

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