Geraldo Rips Biden Admin ‘Doing Things A** Backwards,’ Fox Panel Calls Them ‘Clueless’

There are plenty of polls out right now that do not portend good things for President Joe Biden and his administration. But while poll numbers can be crunched any number of ways, one way that could undoubtedly spell trouble for Biden is when media liberals, like Geraldo Rivera, lose confidence in Biden and his team.

During a raucous installment of Fox News Channel’s “The Five” on Tuesday, Rivera, who rotates as the token liberal on the panel, described the Biden administration as “getting things done a** backwards.”

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Afghanistan Part Of A Pattern

Whether you normally agree or disagree with him, Geraldo Rivera’s observations are quite compelling. On the topic of Afghanistan and the Biden team’s global warming policies, Geraldo said: 

“I think Afghanistan is very instructive because in Afghanistan, they had good intentions and they did it a—backward. Instead of evacuating the civilians first, they evacuated the military [and] civilians [got] stuck … The same thing is happening with fossil fuels. They want to eliminate fossil fuels [so] they cut down on the supply of fossil fuels in furtherance of that goal way before the alternative has been developed. So … it’s a—backwards.”

The gang at “The Five” also accused the Biden White House of just being “clueless,” and really not caring about the concerns of average Americans about rising inflation, and the cost of everyday items like food and gas, part of which is due to supply chain issues.

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In The Swamp Bubble And Out Of Touch

Jesse Watters described the problem perfectly, “President [Joe] Biden is proving he’s totally clueless. [The president is] turning a blind eye to the problems plaguing the country, including rising gas prices, massive inflation and an energy crisis all being made worse by his policies.”

Joe Biden decided to make things worse on day one by shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline. The shuttering of the pipeline not only made certain that energy prices would begin to rise, but hundreds of union jobs were put on the chopping block as well.

And while Biden shuts down American pipelines, presumably to make environmentalists happy, at the G20 Summit in Rome, he was begging OPEC and other oil producing nations to increase production. 

Watters also pointed to the recent reports of the Biden administration wanting to shut yet another pipeline down. Watters and the others commented on what seemed like indifference by the administration to what Americans are concerned about. Watters continued saying, “the White House [is] basically telling Americans, ‘Too bad. Just deal with it.’” 

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Biden Admin Not Understanding Inflation Concerns

The Biden White House seems to be operating in their own bubble, where everything is just fine. The American people think otherwise.

Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Larry Summers is not playing along with the Biden fantasy, and he wasn’t playing along in, of all places, CNN.

Recently he expressed concern that some things he previously predicted had in fact happened. He told CNN’s Brianna Keilar that he had been concerned that increased government spending on COVID relief packages would incur “inflationary measures not seen in a generation.”

The panel on “The Five” came to some pretty startling yet true conclusions. Dagen McDowell pointed out that Democrats know there isn’t much time to push through a radical agenda, so they are ignoring things like bad poll numbers and what Americans really want.

Dana Perino summed it up, “Basically what they’ve done is say we’re not going to pay attention to the things you care about, even though people are saying, no, these are the things we care about. And they still ignore them.”

A USAToday/Suffolk University poll this week shows Joe Biden with a 37.8% approval rating, and 28% for Vice President Kamala Harris. How long can the Democrats and the Biden administration afford to ignore the obvious?


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