Garth Brooks Defends Bud Light Amidst Dylan Mulvaney Scandal – ‘Let’s Create A Place That You Feel Safe In’

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The country music star Garth Brooks is defending Bud Light amidst boycotts of the beer company over the brand teaming up with the transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney for an ad campaign earlier this year.

Brooks Stands By Bud Light

Brooks, 61, told Billboard that his Nashville bar that is called Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk will not be removing Bud Light from it’s menu despite the controversy.

“I want it to be a place you feel safe in, I want it to be a place where you feel like there are manners and people like one another. And yes, we’re going to serve every brand of beer. We just are. It’s not our decision to make,” Brooks said. “Our thing is this: If you [are let] into this house, love one another. If you’re an a–hole, there are plenty of other places on lower Broadway.”

Bud Light Sales Plummet

In the weeks since Bud Light teamed up with Mulvaney, its parent company Anheuser-Busch has lost billions in market value and has suffered a 25 percent sales decrease, according to Daily Mail.

“[Demand for Bud Light] has plummeted completely. No one wants it at their event anymore,” said one New Jersey bartender. “There are a couple clients that have expressed to me their feelings behind it, and it’s no longer popular.”‘

“With the feedback that I’ve gotten and how strongly a lot of clients feel about it, it [the company] doesn’t switch gears, I don’t see the popularity picking back up,” she added.

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John Rich Defends Brooks 

The conservative country music star John Rich was quick to defend Brooks for continuing to support Bud Light, however.

“If Garth is serving Bud Light in his bar, that’s fine. Garth can do that. Garth might find out not many people are going to order it,” Rich told Fox News. “And at the end of the day, you have to put things in your establishment that people are going to purchase if you’re going to run a successful business. So, he might find that out.”

“I think he probably sees the pain and division that’s going on in the country and wants to try to help that,” he continued. “If I know Garth at all, and I know him a little, that’s probably the impetus behind a statement like that. So, good for him. I wish him the best.”

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Rich Ditches Bud Light

However, Rich previously said that he is “not going to stock” Bud Light anymore at his own bar Redneck Riviera.

“The customers aren’t going to order it,” Rich explained. “I’m not going to stock it. We’ve only got limited area. I’ve got a limited bar. It’s like… I’ve got to put beer and whiskey and vodkas up here that people want to purchase and they want to support… And brother, I can tell you right now, it’s a vicious attitude toward Bud Light.”

Brooks can stand by Bud Light all that he wants to, but it’s not going to convince his customers to order it. Bud Light has learned the hard way that when you go woke, you also go broke, and it seems that Brooks might be in for learning the same thing very soon!

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