Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Slams Impeachment ‘Ceremony’

Fox News Greg Gutfeld just called out the impeachment ceremony spectacle for what it was–a complete farce.

Gutfeld Doesn’t Hold Back

The entire event was a joke, or as Gutfeld rightly said on “The Five,” it was like “spackling a turd with gold.”

Referencing the souvenir impeachment pens that Pelosi was so eager to hand out to her fellow Democrats, Gutfeld said, “We are paying for those freaking pens! We’re all suckers for believing this is serious.”

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‘This was an emotional tantrum directed at Daddy, who won the election, and they are mad at Daddy’

Gutfeld also talked about how angry Democrats continue to be that Donald Trump was elected president.

“This was an emotional tantrum directed at Daddy, who won the election, and they are mad at Daddy,” he said.

Gutfeld did not hold back in his epic rant on Wednesday.

Here is the entire segment from “The Five.”

Gutfeld Is Right

Not only is the entire impeachment process a complete sham built on fabrications and lies put out by the Democrats, the notion that we should respect or honor this effort with some elaborate ceremony only adds insult to injury.

President Trump has called impeachment a witch hunt since day one. He is 100 percent correct.

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The Democrats are still upset that Hillary Clinton lost the election and ever since have been trying to find a way to overturn it, reminding us that their party is woefully misnamed. In a republican democracy such as ours, the people choose the president, not political elites.

So let the Democrats carry on with their pomp, circumstance and golden pens, while the American people make the ultimate decision about who should lead the country come November.

John Hanson

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