Thanks for the emotional breakdown, Fredo.

CNN host and resident “man whiner” Chris Cuomo continues to use his show to bash President Trump using emotional arguments instead of logic. I know Trump isn’t perfect, any sane person understands this, but he isn’t the monster the media is making him up to be.

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Cuomo phrased his ‘show summary’ by claiming the 2020 election is “a contest for the soul of our country.” He used this language because of Trump’s stand against illegal immigration with the focus on “illegal.” Cuomo’s feelings state that Trump’s “new harshness” on immigration will hurt the country as a whole if continued, and if the Commander-in-Chief had his way, the CNN host wouldn’t even be here.

Cuomo: “He’s more than just wrong in the head, he’s wrong in the heart. America’s always represented respect for law, but not at the cost of our humanity, not by doing what Trump wants to do to the needy.”

“It is personal to me; it should be to you as well,”

“They were people with nowhere else to go. They ran away from poor places; they came here with nothing except everything that was in their head and their heart that was desperate for a chance. And they did all the stupid jobs, and they did everything that they could, and they were desperate, and there was hardship… And it is personal to me. If this president had his way, people like me wouldn’t be here. And I know that’s gonna get a good guffaw from a lot of people in his base, but this ‘us and them’ stuff is toxic.”


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Mr. Trump has been in the ring, grappling with shrewd men for a very long time. As POTUS, he loves this challenge to steer our country in a better direction and plan for our future. Trump will not back down or compromise his (our) principles. He’s having the time of his life.

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Just a few weeks ago, Cuomo was trying to fight a couple of kids for allegedly being disrespectful to him and calling him Fredo, a name from the Godfather movie saga.

Send Fredo off to do this, Send Fredo off to do that. Send Fredo to take care of some Mickey Mouse nightclub somewhere. Send Fredo to pick up somebody at the airport. Sorry, I was getting carried away with some quotes from the Godfather movie.

TOUGH GUY, EH? : CNN Cuomo Almost Comes To Blows After Alleged Trump Supporter Calls Him “Fredo”

Trump isn’t worried about Chris. The CNN host is small potatoes. What we have is a president who doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drug! He thrives on pressure. All those years as a developer in NYC was a good training ground for him. He doesn’t owe anybody in government a damn thing so his conscience is clear and he can focus all his energies to help the people of the country he dearly loves!

There’s been a rise in man whining through the news networks, and we should be calling it out whenever we see it, do you agree? I wish these “hosts” would call the news down the middle, America would be the better for it.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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