Former Obama Secret Service Agent Leaks Details About Obama’s Wiretaps – ‘Going to Blow Wide Open!’

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who worked for former President Barack Obama, has made a shocking announcement: He agrees with President Donald Trump about the Trump Tower wiretapping scandal, and the story is about to “blow wide open this week.”

As Bongino Tweeted out:

https://twitter.com/dbongino/status/838218649500532737″ target=”_blank


https://twitter.com/dbongino/status/838220312374292480″ target=”_blank

Bongino worked in the Presidential Protection Division for Obama and former President George W. Bush. Now, he is a popular voice in the conservative movement and is willing to speak out.

This is really interesting, as it’s becoming clearer every day that Obama did some very Nixon-like things to undermine Trump at the worst possible moments of the 2016 presidential campaign. Bongino is a former insider who has first-hand accounts of just how lawless and corrupt the Obama administration was.

As radio host Mark Levin noted yesterday, there is clear evidence of Obama’s wiretapping and wrongdoing. It will be interesting to have Bongino share the details he knows…

What do you think about Dan Bongino’s bombshell announcement? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.


Thomas is a movement conservative and American patriot. He has a vigorous blue-collar, Jacksonian attitude with a skeptical eye toward pop culture and political correctness. He’s not afraid to sound the alarm about America’s rapid decline. He has worked on political campaigns for over a decade at every level of government.

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  • I believe Dan Bongino. We already know that obama is a muslim (self admitted) and he hates America. There is nothing he won't do to destroy America and install communism and sharia law. Who would know better than his secret service man what dirty deeds he did. Of course he had someone else carry them out to make sure his fingerprints wouldn't be on it but the buck stops with obama.

  • I am glad we have people like him to be brave enough to come forward with the truth for the good of the American people, but I'm also very afraid for him for doing so. We all know about what happened to so many people that made the Clintons mad. I have no doubt that Obama has done the same type of things to keep people quiet if he didn't like what they were saying or doing;. I'm sure too that those things will be brought to the front as time goes by. I wish Mr.Bongino luck and pray that he will stay safe. So sad that the Clintons and the Obamas have behaved themselves like leaders of Third World countries and Communists. Oh, thats right.They ruled like that, because they ARE

  • No matter what antics people get up to, some one will be willing to tell the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because there are others out there who do not like lying and deceiving the people. This might surprise Obama and Clinton but it is true. Some people do not like lying and being down right deceitful. As it is written, "The Truth will Come Out."

  • I can't wait to hear the rest of the story about the wire tapping. I have no doubt obama spied on Trump. obama has always been a bully using his position as President to spy on those who didn't agree with him. He used his office to hurt many people because he is not even an American citizen. He is an illegal immigrant who came here as a foreign student and never left. He was actually born in Kenya and is now admitting that he is a muslim. obama hates America and has always been and will continue to be our worst enemy because he worked against America from within.

  • I voted for Bongino. I believe any information he reveals about Obama to be true. Hopefully, more whistle blowers will come forward to let the world know how thoroughly corrupt Obama was and is. Wasn't he for "transparency"? Ever wonder why people stopped stepping forward with information? They were fired, demoted, and some even jailed.

  • poppDavid, It is the constitution that saved our 2A and 1A rights, not 0bama. 0bama stated twice (that I know of) on camera that he is a Muslim. He would never have been elected if that were common knowledge at election time. There is no Sharia law because of Congress and again the constitution. 0bama had limited powers. Granted he abused his executive order privileges, but that privilege does not allow him to enact laws.

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