Mark Levin, the former Chief of Staff for President Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General Edwin Meese, is a constitutional scholar. “The Great One” is loved by conservatives and wasn’t exactly a fan of Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

But now that Trump is exposing former President Barack Obama for his shameful wiretapping of Trump Tower just before the 2016 presidential election, Levin has a major announcement: Trump is 100% right!

Levin knows what he’s talking about from experience, and is certain the tactics used by Obama and the intelligence community are activities only found in a police state.

It’s reasonable and common sense that Obama knew exactly what was going on. You have to watch this!

Via Fox News

As Levin explains, “The evidence is overwhelming.” Obama’s White House has been shown through public records and mainstream media reporting to have obtained a FISA court warrant to surveil Donald Trump’s presidential campaign last year.

Now, it’s up to the Trump White House to release the details from the Obama administration’s FISA court warrants detailing the applications of those warrants. And Congress has the power to review Obama’s daily intelligence briefing during the politically motivated surveillance of Trump’s campaign.

As Levin explained, this is government corruption at the highest level. If criminal, Nixonian tactics were used, likely in a last-minute attempt to save Hillary Clinton’s failing presidential campaign, someone must be held accountable.

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