Former CBS News President: Media Are ‘Decidedly’ Liberal, Voice Of The Resistance” Against Trump

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Van Gordon Sauter, the former president of CBS News, has said that the media is now “decidely liberal” and the voice of “the resistance” against Trump.

Sauter: Media Is “Clarion Voice Of The Resistance”

Writing in an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal, Sauter, who served as the president of CBS News during the 1980s, noted that not only are “the highly influential daily newspapers in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Boston are now decidedly liberal,” but also that “two of the three leading cable news sources are unrelentingly liberal in their fear and loathing of President Trump.”

Sauter argued that the supposedly neutral media outlets have been slowly creeping towards the left for decades, and that their “loathing” of President Trump “has accelerated the pace” of bias becoming the norm.

“The news media is catching up with the liberalism of the professoriate, the entertainment industry, upscale magazines and the literary world,” Sauter continued.

Objectivity, balance, and fairness were “once the gold standard of reporting,” but is no longer, he noted. Leftist reporters don’t believe that they are mandatory in this “divided political era,” given that they believe President Trump is “a blatant vulgarian, an incessant prevaricator, and a dangerous leader who should be ousted next January, if not sooner.”

Journalism is now “the clarion voice of the ‘resistance’, dedicated to ousting the President,” Sauter said. This leads to two obvious problems. Firstly, how could “a large segment of the public ever put stock in journalism it considers hostile to the country’s best interests” ever again? And secondly, if Biden wins in November, will he “be subjected to the rigor and skepticism” that President Trump has been judged by? The answer to the latter is most likely not, as “the media’s protective coverage of the sexual-assault allegation against Mr. Biden is perhaps a clear and concerning preview to how his presidency would be covered,” Sauter added.

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The Press Admitting They’re Leftists Is A Start, But Not Enough!

The former CBS News president is exactly right – the media in this country are liberal lefists who don’t care about truth or accuracy. All they want is to slam the President for doing what he thinks is best for this country. Sauter’s concluding argument that the media should simply declare themselves as leftists rather than neutral arbiters of truth and freedom may go some way to fixing the problem.

It would confirm what we all know, and we’d at least be arguing on a level playing field. But in truth, the media class need a top-down shake-up – we can’t have the controllers of information be so obviously biased. That’s why they want to clamp down on your free speech on social media, and attack alternative media outlets, because they’re scared we’ll combat them with truth and evidence that they can’t run away from.

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