Jonah Goldberg Attacks Press Secretary McEnany As ‘Indefensible And Grotesque’

Goldberg McEnany

Jonah Goldberg, the NeverTrump commentator, attacked the new White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, calling her actions “indefensible and grotesque.”

Goldberg: “What Trump Wants In A Press Secretary Is A Twitter Troll”

Goldberg, a writer at The Intercept and other publications, made the comments speaking to Chris Wallace on Fox News. Wallace was the first to attack McEnany, whose supposed crime was calling out the press for their leftist bias, and giving them suggested points and questions to follow up with Obama officials regarding the General Flynn case.

“I have to say that if Kayleigh McEnany had told Sam Donaldson and me what questions we should ask, that would not have gone well, Jonah,” Wallace said. Goldberg jumped straight back in, slamming McEnany’s behavior as “indefensible and grotesque”:

What Donald Trump wants in a press secretary is a Twitter troll who goes on attack, doesn’t actually care about doing the job they have and instead wants to impress really an audience of one and make another part of official Washington another one of these essentially cable news and Twitter gladitorial arenas. It’s a sign of defining deviancy down in our politics, and it’s only going to make things worse.”

McEnany was, however, defended by Josh Holmes, who previously served as chief of staff to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“What’s missing from this conversation that we’ve had this morning is the context by which she is making these statements. Any spokesperson in the Trump world, whether it’s the White House or the campaign finds themselves under constant attack by the press,” Holmes explained.

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The Media Are Vultures And They Don’t Like Being Called Out!

He went on to blame “the confrontational nature by which journalists approach the questioning.” Holmes noted that that their goals are “not really to obtain much information so much as to try to back them into a corner and I think Kayleigh said, ‘I’m not going to play that game,’ so yeah, it is completely different from what we’ve seen from years and years of briefings from press secretaries but I think it’s reflective of the nature we find ourselves in.”

I completely agree with Holmes here. Unfortunately, we do not live in a world with a fair, unbiased, and unpoliticised press. The press right now are full of liars, snakes, and frauds, and they are the enemies of the American people! We in Britain have just had an incident where the press have tried to hound out our Prime Minister’s most senior advisor, simply because they don’t like him – it’s the same all across the West right now.

The media establishment want to portray themselves as truth-seeking, paragons of justice, but they are really dogmatic, leftist propagandists. Good on McEnany for calling them out – keep it up!

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