Colin Kaepernick takes a knee to show his disgust for police officers and his hatred of America, and the left goes wild with support.

A middle school football coach kneels in solidarity with his team’s prayer, and liberals try to ruin his career.

It’s amazing how pathetic anti-Christian, anti-American liberals have become, feigning outrage at anything and everything they see.

Via Fox News Insider:

Wakulla Middle School football coach Eddie Metcalf has faced criticism for kneeling alongside his team during a pregame prayer.

A video posted on Facebook Oct. 7 by Keith Whitfield, a team member’s parent, shows Metcalf taking a knee in the pregame huddle, though it’s unclear if he actually took part in the prayer led by one of his players.

According to the Wakulla County School Board, that “act of reverence” is against the law.

“That’s not allowable under the law,” Superintendent Robert Pearce told television station WCTV. “The coach may not participate in the prayer.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a leftist atheist organization whose sole purpose is to remove crosses, nativity scenes, and other religious symbols from cities and towns across America concurred, saying the coach’s act of kneeling beside his players prayer circle was “unconstitutional.”

Here is the offending act …

Somebody might want to remind these people that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that everyone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all.

Yes, yes separation of church and state, which is something that was never intended to remove religion from the schools but is nonetheless cited at even the most mundane things liberals find offensive.

As former Senator Rick Santorum once wrote, “The idea of strict or absolute separation of church and state is not and never was the American model.”

The superintendent at this school added that the coach needs “to have separation from the players, two to three steps.”

“You are allowed to have reverent respect for their prayer,” he added.

Staying two to three steps away from a prayer sudden makes it Constitutional? Insanity.

Nice job Wakulla Middle School, teaching the kids that doing a good thing by kneeling in solidarity with your teammates and coaches us a bad thing.

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