Florida’s Attorney General Slams FBI, DOJ: Many Floridians Escaped Totalitarian Regimes

Florida AG Ashley Moody Rips FBI, DOJ, And Joe Biden For Mar-A-Lago Raid
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In the aftermath of the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, former President Donald Trump’s home, Republicans are becoming more angry and demanding explanations regarding the raid.

During a panel discussion with Fox News’ Bret Baier, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody had plenty to say about not just the handling of the raid by the FBI and Department of Justice, but also the stark absence of any response by President Joe Biden.

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Taking The Biden Adm. To Task

During the panel discussion, Moody pointed out a very important detail. She said, “Many of the people in south Florida fled totalitarian regimes from Cuba or Venezuela…”

Those Florida citizens know all of the hallmarks of a totalitarian regime, they fled them.

Does the Democrat Party think those Floridians will vote for totalitarian regime tactics like this in November? As usual, they are not seeing the bigger picture. Because it is all about keeping Trump from running for office again.

Moody continued listing all of the totalitarian-like actions of the Biden administration saying, 

“…you see a government that comes in and has targeted we know previously parents who were labeled domestic terrorists, when you have a government that just announced increasing their agents for the IRS by 87,000 agents to target American citizens. And now you have an unprecedented raid on your former president and potential political opponent and there’s this idea that you could start going after criminally political opponents.”

Whatever the intent of the DOJ and FBI, it has certainly galvanized Republicans.

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Biden And Garland Should Make Statements

Ashley Moody also talked about the regimes her fellow Floridians came from in terms of how they suppress any political opposition. She also mentioned the fact that, roughly 24 hours after the raid, the nation had yet to hear from President Joe Biden or Attorney General Merrick Garland.

She called on both to make public statements.

“I mean that is the motto of any type of those regimes. Suppress political opposition. And I think what we needed today is we needed a president to come out and say, “I will assure the American public that we will not weaponize the DOJ. I will ensure that Attorney General Garland comes out and explains why this process was done, why it was necessary, why they couldn’t do this investigation through subpoenas.” I think that was important for the American people whose heads are spinning [over] the revelations we have seen in the last couple of years.”

During his public events on Tuesday, Joe Biden did not make any comments regarding the raid. His aides insisted the President had no advanced knowledge of it. They referred any inquiries to the Justice Department.

A New York Post reporter asked Biden, “President Biden, what did Attorney General [Merrick] Garland tell you about the Trump raid?” There was no response.

The reporter asked a follow up question, “Do you approve of the FBI’s Trump raid, President Biden?” The response, a big smile.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined 18 times to answer any questions about the raid during the regular press briefing on Tuesday.

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Democrats Dragging Out Tried And True Tactics

Now, fearing they have might have poked the bear once too often, Democrats are attempting to drag out the old scare tactic of “right-wing violence.” Democrats and their enforcement wing, the media, have declared that everyone should be on the lookout for angry Republicans. 

Democrat response to the GOP charge of the FBI and DOJ being weaponized, is that, wait for it, Republicans are “weaponizing” the raid itself. Yep, after years of enduring abuse at the hands of the bully, the kid being bullied fights back, and now it’s his fault the bully has a bloody nose.

Even Fox News has reported on supposed “increased upticks” on social media of threatened violence against both Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray. 

If Democrats and the media can repeat the lie of angry violent Trump supporters enough times, can anyone else see another totalitarian regime favorite coming down the pike? The one where they silence their opponents.

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