Fed-Up Commuters Take Down Climate Activists Blocking Roads – ‘We Got Kids To Feed…I Want To Get To Work’

Climate Protest
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An epic video is going viral this week showing the moment that some furious commuters took down a group of climate activists who were blocking a road in Washington D.C., preventing them from getting to work.

Commuters Confront Protesters

Daily Mail reported that protesters with the anti-fossil fuel group Declare Emergency sat in the middle of a highway on Saturday, preventing any vehicles from getting by them. What the woke activists were not counting on, however, was some determined commuters who were not about to let a ridiculous protest prevent them from getting to work on time!

“I want to work, I want to go to work!” one driver could be heard screaming, with another adding, “You don’t give a f***, get the f*** out of here! We have to go to f***ing work! We got kids to feed, b—h!”

Other drivers soon joined the frustrated commuters, leaving their vehicles to confront the protesters and rip away their banners.

D.C. police officers eventually arrived on the scene and forced the activists to stand up before promptly arresting them and clearing the road so that the cars could finally get by. When one protester complained about not receiving three warnings before being arrested, an officer reminded the activist that they are not required to give multiple warnings prior to arrest.

Check out the full video below.

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Declare Emergency Responds

Declare Emergency, the group behind the protest, responded to the arrests on Monday.

“For us, this was a great way to honor the legacy of Dr. [Martin Luther] King and to carry on his tradition of disruptive, nonviolent civil disobedience!” the group tweeted.

On its official website, Declare Emergency boasts that getting arrested is an “important” part of their work.

“Mass arrest is an important strategy of historical nonviolence movements that demanded system change from their governments,” Declare Emergency states.

“[E]very time the state imprisons us for nonviolently demanding a livable future, we win a moral battle,” the group adds. “The more the state oppresses those asking for the right to live in a sustainable world, the less tenable its moral stance becomes in the eyes of the greater public.”

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Declare Emergency Rips Biden

Though radically liberal, Declare Emergency is interestingly not a fan of President Joe Biden.

“President Biden has failed to be the ‘climate change President,'” the group’s website states. “He’s failed to keep many of his promises to take action on climate, and is trying to delude the public that things are being taken care of when they aren’t.”

Declare Emergency has been causing trouble in Washington D.C. for months. Back in April, six protesters from the group blocked traffic for about a half-an-hour at the capital’s Third Street Tunnel for about thirty minutes in the middle of rush hour as commuters desperately honked their horns at them.

“I get y’all’s protest, but we’ve got kids on the school bus who need to get to school,” one of the drivers screamed at the protesters in response.

Climate activists have been launching road-blocking protests such as these all over the world as of late. We applaud these D.C. commuters for having the courage to fight back against them, and we hope police continue to crack down on them!

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