Far From Over: Trump And Biden Neck And Neck In The Polls

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are currently neck and neck in the polls for this November’s election, so you can’t write off any result just yet!

Solid Approval Rating For The President

Last week, Rasmussen Reports reported that the gap between President Trump and Biden in the polls had narrowed to only 3 points, with a previous 10 point gap. This week, they’ve found that while Biden has seemingly hit a poll ceiling, the President is still edging up closer to him. By Wednesday, the previous gap of 10 points was down to only 2, with Trump at 45% and Biden at 47% – a result solidly within the margin of error for a poll.

Not only is this the case, but President Trump’s approval ratings are up to 49%. At this stage in Barack Obama’s presidency back in 2012, the former President had the exact same approval rating. Bear in mind, of course, that Obama went on to win re-election that very same year.

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Trump Won Before, He Can Win Again!

A recent set of polls also suggested there were a number of “secret” Trump voters in the swing states of Pennsylvania. In a study conducted by Monmouth University, a majority of voters in the area believe that there is a significant number of “secret Trump voters” who aren’t speaking out about their beliefs in public or in polls. 54% of registered voters said that they were surprised when Trump carried Pennsylvania’s electoral college votes in 2016, and 57% think there “a number of so-called secret voters in their communities who support Trump but won’t tell anyone about it.”

If the Monmouth polling is accurate, combined with this, then those who speak of doom and gloom and imminent Biden presidency may be kicking themselves come November! President Trump stormed into office in 2016, defying all the pundits and polls, so this very much could be the same case this year. Do not give up hope!

Jack Hadfield

Jack Hadfield is a conservative and free-speech advocate from the UK. He considers himself to be a professional mischief maker, and loves nothing more than annoying the pearl-clutching left. His work has previously appeared in Breitbart and Politicalite.

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  • Wonder how the demographic was played out ? Did they ask.in a predominantly Democrat area / Republican area or independent area ?

  • As I observe Joe Biden, I see a figure that looks like the 'stick anmation' of the Gumby cartoons. He really looks like he is physically impaired. Couple that observation with his odd rhetoric and I have to conclude that he is unable to hold any office requiring rational decision making.
    Retirement is his only option, which I believe will occur if he gets elected. So, look for the Vice President selection on the Democrat ticket to see who the Democrats really want to be president.

  • who do they poll? I have never had anyone come up to me and ask my opinion. I'm guessing they asked everyone in Biden's camp and probably some of them wanted Trump. Hilary was ahead in 2016 if I recall right. How'd that work out for cankles?

  • I'm amazed, after 2016's polling fiasco, that people still pay attention to all these polls. At this point in time, they are irrelevant, because it's too far out to accurately make a prediction. Pay attention to them during the last two weeks before November to get a better sense of things...

  • The morning of November 4:
    "Oh say can you see by the dawn's early light
    What so proudly we hailed in the twilight's last gleaming?"

  • The more Sleepy, Creepy, Quid Pro Quo, Liar Joe comes out into the sunshine and speaks. the more he will sink in the polls. After the first debate, he will be underwater. After the second, he will drown. His big plan for the virus response mirrored Trump, he just change the name of the Virus Task Force leader! LOL MAGA/KAG 2020

  • If the poll is neck and neck, it means a landslide for the President. I wonder how one can vote for someone who could not remember where he is and what he's running for.

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