Trump Just Got An Unexpected Endorsement From An Unlikely Supporter

Ice Cube
A declaration of respect for Donald Trump’s personal success came from an unlikely source yesterday. Rapper/Actor Ice Cube went on Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect with John Heilemann for a wide-ranging interview on political topics and some of what he said may surprise you:

“Donald Trump is what Americans love. Donald Trump is what Americans aspire to be — rich, powerful, do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say, be how you wanna be,” the rapper-actor said about Trump’s appeal. “That’s kind of been like the American dream. He looks like a boss to everybody, and Americans love to have a boss.”

Ice Cube then clarified his remarks, saying, “Do I think he’s gonna do anything to help poor people or people that’s struggling? No, because he’s a rich white guy.”

He explained Trump’s wealth would make it difficult for the presidential hopeful to “relate to the small guy.”

“He’s always been rich,” the rapper said. “Being rich don’t make you bad, I ain’t saying that. But I’m just saying, how can he relate?”

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Surprisingly, unlike a lot of celebrities, Ice Cube did not take the opportunity to trash Trump and bash him as a racist, even as Heilemann was baiting him by bringing up Trump questioning Obama’s birth certificate. Watch:

Ice Cube even called out Democrats on race issues after Bill Clinton got into a kerfuffle with Black Lives Matter protesters:

“For some reason, the Democrats feel they’re exempt from these protests, like, “We’re Democrats! Why are you talking to us like this, go talk to the Republicans!” No, no. Everybody’s a little guilty of turning their back or passing bad legislation and everyone should be called out on it.”

Not at all what I was expecting from an interview on Trump and Black Lives Matter.

What do you think: What is it about Trump that so many Americans love? Tell us in the comments below!

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