Families May Have to Buy Pizza Instead of Turkey This Thanksgiving Thanks to Inflation

Bloomberg News reports that inflation is causing Thanksgiving dinner coasts to "bust wallets" while some traditional food items might be on a "first come, first served" situation.
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Bloomberg News reports that inflation is causing Thanksgiving dinner costs to “bust wallets” while some traditional food items might be on a “first come, first served” basis.

“Any way you slice it, this Thanksgiving is going to cost more,” the outlet laments, citing a jump in the price of flour, cookies, eggs, and turkey, the latter of which is up 17% from the previous year.

“It’s all part of historic food inflation that’s hammering consumers also grappling with sky-high prices for everything from fuel to housing,” they write.

Aside from surging prices, consumers will also have to worry about “scarcity” due to supply chain issues.

It’s so bad, one expert indicates some families might have to replace traditional turkey dinners with “other proteins such as ham, beef short ribs, and roasts,” while still others may switch to lighter food items such as soup, salad, or even pizza.

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Inflation is Wrecking Thanksgiving Dinners

Fortunately for President Biden, he is nowhere to be found in Bloomberg’s report on Thanksgiving dinners being decimated by inflation.

Instead, they do the administration’s bidding by pointing the finger at the war in Ukraine and an ongoing bird flu outbreak.

We’re not sure Donald Trump would have escaped the same scrutiny if he were still in office and the inflation rates were destroying every American’s finances and holidays.

CNN also reported that Thanksgiving dinner in general will cost 13.5% more than the previous year, and they too find other factors to blame besides Bidenomics.

CNN cites “extreme weather conditions” such as drought and disease, something they appear to believe has never been heard of before Biden took office.

With compliant media coming to Biden’s defense, and election results that seem to indicate voters are okay with this new normal, is it any wonder the President has said he would do “nothing” different policywise?

The Left Has Solutions

The economically ignorant President seems content with his policies which have resulted in inflation being higher than 5% for 19 straight months this past September.

He still intends to do absolutely “nothing” to change his ways.

Just three months after Democrats passed a bill they erroneously dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act, Biden again shrugged his shoulders on the matter.

“I can’t guarantee that we’re gonna be able to get rid of inflation,” he said.

Remember, this is the same man who told you over and over again that inflation was “temporary.”

Aside from Bloomberg noting that some families may have to switch to pizza for their Thanksgiving dinner, supporters of the President have offered other handy solutions to help combat the ongoing inflation crisis.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) advised struggling families to tighten up their finances and start eating Chef Boyardee.

And Bloomberg, coming to Biden’s defense eight months ago, told Americans to suck it up and take public transit instead of driving their own vehicles, switch their diets from meat to vegetables, and even consider letting their pets succumb to illnesses that require chemotherapy treatment.

Eat lentils, enjoy pizza and Chef Boyardee on Thanksgiving, and let your pets die should have been a losing message this past Election Day.

Instead, voters failed to deliver the red wave necessary to stop this madness.

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