Bloomberg Lectures Americans On Inflation: Eat Lentils, Take The Bus, And Let Your Pets Die

An op-ed column published by Bloomberg received a fair share of criticism after advising Americans on how to cope with soaring prices due to inflation.

An op-ed column published by Bloomberg received a fair share of criticism after advising Americans on how to cope with soaring prices due to inflation.

The column, authored by Teresa Ghilarducci, was published last week but garnered renewed interest as the outlet promoted the work on social media.

Ghilarducci thankfully points out that skyrocketing inflation ‘only’ truly wreaks havoc on the budgets of those making under $300,000 annually. (Or, 98% of the population.)

She advises Americans to take public transit instead of driving their own vehicles, switch their diets from meat to vegetables, and even consider letting their pets succumb to illnesses that require chemotherapy treatment.

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Bloomberg Column on Inflation

Ghilarducci, who some sites estimate has a net worth from anywhere between $1-$5 million, provides Bloomberg readers with “some ideas on how to reconfigure consumption and lessen the blow” of inflation under President Biden.

“To deal with gas prices, it’s worth reconsidering public transportation if it’s an option where you live,” she writes.

Ghilarducci also advises Americans to change their diet and “consume plants directly,” specifically suggesting “lentils and beans.”

One of the more alarming pieces of advice from the Bloomberg op-ed is a suggestion to essentially let your family pets die because medical costs could get in the way of your new inflation-necessary budget.

“If you’re one of the many Americans who became a new pet owner during the pandemic, you might want to rethink those costly pet medical needs. It may sound harsh, but researchers actually don’t recommend pet chemotherapy …” she advises.

A tweet promoting the column explains: “Nobody said this would be fun.”

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Let Them Eat Lentils

Critics were many over the Bloomberg column offering advice on how to deal with inflation.

Former Texas State Representative Matt Rinaldi kindly suggested “‘get rid of your car and eat lentils instead of meat'” may not be a “winning message” for Democrats heading into the midterms.

Columnist Jim Treacher provided his own snarky bullet-point list mimicking Bloomberg’s which includes advice such as “learn to pole dance” and “Does Mom really need a funeral?”

James DePorre, CEO of Shark Investment Management and Real Money contributor, points out that Ghilarducci’s absurd advice applies to nearly everybody in the country.

“Only about 1% of the population makes over $300,000 a year,” he wrote.

Perhaps that’s where the disconnect comes from. The elites look down on the average American and can’t see why they simply can’t respond to Bidenflation by upending everything about their lives and budgets.

From ‘eat lentils,’ to ‘you should be happy to pay more for gas,’ to ‘just buy an electric car,’ they really have no understanding of what Americans are going through.

Bloomberg isn’t the first media outlet to scold Americans to change their ways when it comes to the Biden economy.

Several months ago, the Washington Post told readers to stop complaining about the supply chain crisis and simply lower expectations.

A Yahoo finance reporter earlier this month advised Americans to “stop whining” about higher gas prices because it’s a great way to support Ukraine.

“Americans who want to support Ukraine don’t have to like higher prices, but they can fill up knowing there’s a good cause on the other side of the world,” the op-ed reads.

A recent poll shows 70% of Americans disapprove of President Biden’s handling of gas prices while an equal number disapprove of his handling of inflation.

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